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wonder women : a love letter to the women who have raised me and loved me

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wonder women : a love letter to the women who have raised me and loved me

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it's mother's day, and i wanted to write a little love letter to each of the beautiful women in my life who have raised me and loved me unconditionally.  without them, i would not be who i am, where i am or...essentially, i would be nothing without them.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy, Gramma, Sister and Mother-in-law.

dear mommy,

happy mother's day!  every year, i struggle to find the words that adequately express how much i love you and how grateful i am that you are my mother, and in my life.  you have provided me with so much love and support throughout the years, and i find that the older i get, the more i need and rely on our relationship.  life is never easy and constantly deals us all tough blows (and great triumphs too), but i always know i can get through anything...because i have you to turn to.  always on my side, always my biggest cheerleader, and always reminding me what a strong and brave woman i am (that you've made me).  thank you for always loving me, never giving up on me, and giving me all of the tools i need to be a good woman and to love fully.  i love you so much, i miss you so much every day, and i am so happy you are my mommy!  I wish i could be there to kiss you and celebrate mommy day!  next year :-) 


dear gramma,

Happy Mother's Day!  i am so lucky to have such a close relationship with you and popsie, you guys are like my second parents.  i told you the other day - i'm so glad you used to babysit me after school every day.... we got to be best friends when i was a little girl, and it continued on to lunch club..and still continues on today.  thank you so much for always being so proud of me, always encouraging me to be my biggest, best and boldest self, and for always LOVING me with no reservations.  i couldn't ask for a better manicure partner, a better shopping partner, or a better friend...or a better gramma!  you are so beautiful, such a strong woman... you amaze me every single day with how much you've seen in your life and how you've overcome every hurdle in your way.  i love you so much and i miss you every second of every day!  i can't wait to resume lunch club soon :-) 


dear stephanie,

i know you aren't my mother (even though you loved to boss me around as a kid like you were!), but i still would not be who i am today without your love and your guidance throughout my entire life.  you taught me how to read, how to spell "government" (the most intense spelling test ever for a 6 year old!), millions of hours of TV show marathons on the couch during the holidays, dog parties, college, post-grad degrees, tons of cities, lots of fights, but even after the biggest ones, we've found our way back to each other and back to loving each other even more.  i am so glad i have you as my big sister.  i was thinking the other day about how you surprised me at my DG initiation.  and when i saw you i burst into tears.  that first semester of college was so hard, i was having such a hard time adjusting..and then there you were, i saw your face and i was so happy.  and i love that we've had those moments.  so thank you for everything, for always loving and supporting me.  i'll always do my best to be the best little sister i can and be there for you too.  i love you!


dear ma,

Happy Mother's Day!  thank you so much for the unbelievable amounts of love that you've given me since the first day i met you.  you are such an inspiration for me to live kindly, to live openly and generously and to be a woman that puts love out into the world.  i feel so lucky to have gained such a great mother later on in my life, a new, great woman to show me new parts of life and new ways to be a better person.  i love you so much!