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born this way

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

a few weeks ago, i was told that my eccentricity was something i "need to work on."  i've always been under the impression that eccentricity and "being different" is something to celebrate, but it is clear that not everyone feels the same way.  however..they're wrong.  too often we hear of children and even adults being bullied, being told they're wrong for being different, or being told they cannot be different..that they must conform.  so this is a tribute to a few people who openly let their freak flags fly!  le chic le freak, baby!

the Olsen sisters... always doing their own thing.

Daphne Guinness.... crazy bitch in the best way possible.  she transcends eccentricity... she is an artist in the way she presents herself.

Anna Dello Russo... couture lover, hat wearer.... girl after my own heart.

John Galliano.  say what you want... he marches to his own beat and IS a brilliant artist!

and finally... our Mother Monster, Lady Gaga.  it's my personal belief that she's at an all time weird, but she's also never been better.  she is never afraid to take a risk, wear the most unwearable clothes/shoes/headpiece, speak out, and speak out loudly, for what she believes in, and she has made it her mission to let us all know that it's okay to be who we are, because baby..we were born this way.  i'm not ashamed to admit that i've felt like an outcast more than once in my life...i'm a little different, and i'm not ashamed to admit that i've danced around the apartment, blasting 'born this way' and singing my ass off!  Gaga has moments of amazing normalcy... admitting to major nerves before walking the Mugler show, loving bikram yoga, making a casserole for thanksgiving... it's that dichotomy that reminds us that letting the freak flag doesn't make you a freak.. it just makes you brave.  

so...just love yourself, and you're set!  no matter what appeals to you...make it your own.  be yourself, be true to who you are on the inside, and the rest will come in time.  rock the neon pink lips at the office, wear a weird outfit out with your conservative friends, but most importantly.. accept everyone else who is weird too!