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it gets better.

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

in a slight deviation from normal programming, i really wanted to share something with you guys.  the It Gets Better Project is a support system and outreach program created for the LGBT community in response to the bullying and subsequent suicides of some of the gay youth that have recently been plaguing our country.  it started out with one video by creator Dan Savage and if you visit the website today, you can see that it has exploded into a movement that is almost unparalleled, giving support to young people where it's never been before.

The It Gets Better Project is so important for so many reasons.  it's not just our young LGBT community that is getting bullied... it's a lot of kids who are just different in general.  kids who dress different, act different, have a different way of viewing life, want different things, have different interests... they all get bullied on at school and it is not okay.  i don't know where this culture of bullying and hatred has risen from but it needs to end.  even in the region i grew up in back in the Midwest, two girls who were outcasts were so bullied and so teased that they took their lives.  Haylee Fentress and her friend Paige Moravetz were 14 years old and they were teased because their peers thought they were fat.  and Billy Lucas, who was 15, was teased for being gay and he hung himself in a barn.  when you're 15, you can't see outside the walls of your 15 year old life... but there's light at the end of what seems like a long, brutal tunnel.

being different, in any way, is a gift and kids, as you grow up, you'll find that it is your greatest asset.  and you'll find that you're a stronger person because of it.  and most importantly, you'll find that it gets better.  there's a beautiful life waiting for you - you will find your tribe.

here on Sullivan Street - we love and support and cherish all of our friends, no matter who they are or who they choose to love.  being different is the chicest,  most fabulous thing you can ever be - and i wouldn't take my friends or family any other way.

so hang in there.  and check out ...and pass it on.  make sure the young ones in your life know that bullying isn't okay and that being different IS okay.  and let them know it gets better.