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on the road and what's out there.


big changes, big big news

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

i've been seriously MIA for the last month.  my boyfriend asked my why i haven't been blogging about life and i kind of shrugged and he said "too busy livin' it, girl."  super true. he said this to me while we were cruising the coast of Maine on beach cruiser bikes and i was literally having the time of my's a good example of why i haven't been blogging at all.  too busy living it.

it's been a whirlwind the last month, i've been traveling coast to coast and inundated with school work, and dealing with some seriously major changes.  the biggest being...i'm moving to Asia. 

yep.  in about 43 or so days, i'm moving to Yokohama, Japan (just outside Toyko).   we're going together and it's going to be major.  asia is a totally new experience for me and i'm SO stoked.  so much to see and do.  within the first three months there, we already have trips planned to Osaka, Japan and Bangkok, Thailand (as well as the south of Thailand)'s going to be SICK, you guys.  i'm starting to learn kanas so i can read Japanese somewhat (he's better at speaking it)...

so that's the big news, the big chance.  i'm peacing out on the good ol' USA and going headed to the Eastern countries of the world.  i'm going to keep blogging.  i think my Asian adventure is going to yield more fashion experiences that i'll know what to do with.... so hang in there.