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we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming....

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

as previously mentioned...i'm moving to Japan!

well, this move is so close i can taste it (i leave next Tuesday at noon), which is less than 6 days away - and the blog is going to be undergoing some changes.  some redesign, some content change, and potentially a different name (TBD, we haven't really talked about it yet)...i'll still be talking about fashion, and lots of it (asian fashion! Vogue Nippon!) but it's going to be more about our new life (the fashion, the food, the culture, the travel, ...figuring out how to live in the middle of Yokohama suburbia...) than about my outfits from here on out.  my boyfriend swears he wants to post updates too, so you may see some of him around, but we'll see if he actually gets to it...he's usually more preoccupied with booking flights and hotels for our next trip to wherever he's got me on the move to next...amongst other things ;-)

so up first... i am most excited to finally actually SEE the apartment that he found for us!  i am obviously MOST excited to see him again...but next most excited to see the apartment!  he found this incredible apartment in outer Yokohama..and it's so SICK.  obvi, see below.

walking in...that's where the washer will go. kitchen to the right, living space through the door, bedrooms upstairs.

looking in through the other room - our apartmento manager and our realtor...Miho. she was amazing and helped so much.

this is the guest room/office.  

our bedroom - tatami mats on the floors!

a look out onto our little patio!

so that's the apartmento!  he's been pretty on it, as far as finding furniture and appliances and futons (not the american kind...) so we're pretty set once i get there!  i can't wait to see it in person!

i'll get at you from the other side....
xx CB