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travel + culture

on the road and what's out there.


out of office (round 2) - Bangkok

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

okay - so onwards with the inception vacation, right?  but wait, before i do anything else... thanks to everyone for all of your congratulations and well wishes for Jao and I!  we are so lucky to have so many great means everything to us!

okay so after Bank and Yoko's wedding in Osaka, we headed back to Tokyo for a night and then jumped a plane down to Bangkok!  we had a full agenda for Thailand... a friend from college was getting married, so we had her wedding to attend, and then Bank and Yoko were having a Thai wedding down in the south in Hat Yai...and also, this was my first trip to Thailand!  Jao was born in Bangkok..his family is all Thai and he speaks Thai beautifully and fluently (allegedly, he has an accent to his Thai from growing up in the States...but i think his Thai is absolutely beautiful) my first trip to his family's home was very exciting for me!

first of all, i am obsessed with Bangkok.  it's an incredible's very sensual.  the food is so rich and spicy, the heat of the air, the smell of the fruit, the explosive taste of the fruit, the sun beating down on your skin...the city just bleeds rawness and sensuality.  some of my favorite parts were sitting on the floor in his parent's apartment in the mornings in our underwear, balcony door open, AC off, eating all of the exotic fruits with our hands, drinking almond milk, eating coconut yogurt, and watching BBC..and then i loved eating all the street food.  i was addicted.  i loved sitting outside, eating a steaming hot bowl of noodles (rice noodles!) and sweating our asses off...sweating from the heat, sweating from the heat of the red chilies, sweating from the boiling noodles... it was such a "we're so in it" experience.  we'd sit there in silence, devouring our food, totally in it.

in line at the Myanmar embassay... unlike the actual country itself, the embassy and process for getting a visa was NOT a shitshow.

my first street food experience!!! we were so into it.

i was ready.

headed to Bang's wedding.  (dress, Marchesa)

on the train. 

back a few days later to get our Myanmar visas! kawaii picture time.

Jao made me take this water taxi thing to go sightseeing.  i hate water and waves, and during the boat ride, i cried twice.  terrified.

after the boat ride, trying to cheer me up!

at Wat Pho.

Grand  Palace.  

some Buddhas.  i look sweaty.

we took another water taxi later that day and i did NOT cry!

we had dinner with this perfect little doll.  Jao's cousin and his wife's little girl.  she is my obsession and i want her!!!!!

egyptian food bliss.

Jao's birthday breakfast!

coconut ice cream at the weekend market.  it's SO GOOD.

loving it.

at one of Bangkok's mega malls.

birthday dinner!  outside playing with our sweet little niece.

at a temple where you are to pray to the Buddha for the protection of your family.  this was after we sealed the deal and decided to get we came to pray for the protection of each other..our new family.

baby turtles in there at the temple.

i didn't cry in this water taxi either.  progress.  (ps i love this picture)

out having a glass of wine/a beer on our last night in Bangkok.

last night of an amazing trip.

like i said....Bangkok seduced me.  i loved everything about it, and i can't wait to go back.  if the opportunity ever arises for us to live there, i'd live there in a heartbeat.  that's how much i loved it!

so there's more to come... Hat Yai and our trip to Myanmar..but ah another day.

from the other side!