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on the road and what's out there.


out of office : Amsterdam for good friends, good wine, and gold kicks

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

beyond Chicistan (i mean...Abu Dhabi), it was off to Europe for two conferences and the opportunity to catch up with friends!  last summer, on our way to the same conferences...we had the opportunity to see this same bunch of friends, but all in different places!  so it was pretty cool this time to see everyone in a different setting and enjoy new cities together.

first, we stopped in Amsterdam to see Kasper, Ivy, and Philippe.  three of the coolest people possibly out there.  we had a great time staying in Kasper and Ivy's incredible place, wandering around the beautiful, old city...doing some work, eating great food, and just overall having a great time!

OHHH and i got the SICKEST gold kicks from Patta....

dress, the gap. bag, proenza scholar. sandals, terminal 21 bangkok. 

Cafe Droog with these two.  please note Kaz's Bruce Lee shirt.

Bruce doesn't wave.

had the chance to meet up with an old friend from Tokyo!  the beautiful Ania :-)

off to dinner.  jumpsuit, Puma Black.

FLAMINGO shirt.  Kaz's wardrobe is amazing.

Philippe, i want more.  (notice the kicks....)

these two.  our gracious hosts.  Ivy is such a babe.

lunch and drinks with David, one of Jao's old friends.  such a cool guy.


we look tired but it was such a fun week!

all right so what did i discover in Amsterdam?  mainly...Patta.

Patta - world famous sneaker store.  most of you already know that i'm a sneaker head.  this is not news, but maybe to some... guilty as charged.  i have a serious thing for sneakers, i own Bapes...i put a lot of thought/effort into my running shoes....and on this trip, i was in the market for some new kicks.  Philippe, being the ever-chic-mother-f'er that he is, told me to go to Patta.  best sneaker store in Europe.  so i went, and you GUYS.

these are special edition Nike's that came out a few days before we arrived in Amsterdam...and when i saw them, i knew they were the ones.  they're mens and about a size too initially i was like, OK...i'll do  my research and find my size online.  turns out they didn't produce them small enough for my female feet.  so you know...F*@! it.  i went back and bought them because THEY'RE JUST THAT GOOD.  i don't even care...they look amazing on my feet, they kill it with that Puma Black Label romper...and that's the end of that.  game over.

and hey...Patta IS one of the best sneaker stores out there.  great people work there, they're so helpful, and if you're ever in need of some sick sneakers...they've got your back.  just give 'em a shout.