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BREAK THE INTERNET + a whole month in the USA

travel + culture

on the road and what's out there.


BREAK THE INTERNET + a whole month in the USA

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

yesterday, pictures of Kim Kardashian and her famous, naked booty blew up all over the internet.  she is gracing the cover of Paper Magazine, booty glistening, with the cover exclaiming "Break the Internet!  Kim Kardashian!"  and today the rest of the spread was dropped and we were graced with a full frontal of Mrs. West.  and you guys, damn.  girl is looking GOOD.  and not like "oh she looks good for just having a baby a year ago."  she looks good like...she's killin' it at the gym 6 days a week, looks GOOD.

and yet ALL I SAW this morning on Facebook and everyone hating on Kim.  to put her clothes on and that her ass is gross and on and on and on.  everyone, from the mommy bloggers to the comedians to the random person that lives down the street...hating all day long.  and you know what...i think everyone needs to shut it.  

yeah you heard me.  i'm sticking up for Kim Kardashian and telling all you haters to SHUT IT.

Kim can put her butt out on any magazine she wants.  no one is forcing you to look at it.  if you don't want to look, don't.  and if you do, don't rip her for it.  Kim K likes her booty (and Kanye likes it too!) and she definitely doesn't care if you don't like it!  she's bouncing her voluptuous booty all the way to the bank and wiping it with hundred dolla bills, ya'll.  

instead of constantly ripping other women down for celebrating their bodies, i think it's time we all celebrate each other.  it's totally misogynistic to sit there and rip her apart.  she's a woman and a human just like the rest of us.  an honestly....the victoria's secret fashion show makes everyone mad...the girls are too thin and it sets unrealistic expectations of women's bodies.  and now everyone's hating on Kim....a woman with a body that does. not. quit.  curves for days!  these women just can't win.   

so there.  i'm calling you all out.  Kim loves her body, and it's not up to anyone else to tell her she's wrong.  if you don't like it, don't look.  but for the good of the future of the female race, STOP HATING on other women.  


after our Euro-tour, we headed back to the USA for a whole month.  we had a whirlwind trip.  we were in the Midwest to see my folks and get some work done down at Purdue.  we visited family in Seattle.  we went to Jao's folks house down in San Diego.  we went to Mexico for a night with Declan.  we went up to Santa Ynez for Neil and Arpna's AMAZING wedding...and we went to the San Diego zoo...a LOT.

on our way to my cousin's open house (jumper:

Armani Exchange


playing bean bags with my step-dad and jao and mom.  in heels.

even got to see Shaunak.

went to a Cubs a partner look.

got to cruise around in my gramma's convertible volkswagon bug :-)

Jao and Tofu - my sister's dog.

my sweet boy Charlie.

got to see Takashi down at Purdue!!!

saw our cousin Bond up in Seattle.

an afternoon at the Del Mar Horseraces!

San Diego is endlessly beautiful.  it's a dream, nonstop.


tacos :-)

the birthplace of the margarita.  Declan looks thrilled.

Neil's wedding!!!!

we looked pretty amazing.

went from indian formal to black tie.  Jao cleans up pretty well ;-)

love him.

after the wedding we went to OstrichLand.  this is a real place with hundreds of ostriches and it was OUTRAGEOUS.

look at this guy, photobombing me.

we took the jeep off-roading at the sand dunes just outside SLO.

sand frolicking.

stopped in Ojai at this amazing bookstore.

come with me, bamboo.

at the San Diego Wild Animal park (another part of the zoo). why did he marry me?

a bamboo in the bamboos.  

getting dirty at the crab hut!!!

whew.  finally.  the end of our two month long trip away from asia!  shortly after that crab hut meal, we packed it up for one last month in Japan.  it was a great trip to Europe and a wonderful trip home to see family and friends!  we felt like we covered a pretty decent spread!!!

all right - my birthday weekend approaches so off to enjoy!