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carefree in bangkok (home sweet home).

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it's been awhile since i've had a moment to sit down and's been a busy month!  in the last 30 days we have essentially packed it up in one country (Japan) and moved about 2800 miles away to Bangkok, we've established home base here, started up with a new university....and we've gotten life started here!

bangkok is the antithesis of japan in absolutely every way, and i mean that in the most refreshing, incredible way possible.  for every way that japan is rigid and unmoving, bangkok is fluid and relenting. japan is racist and one cares what color your skin is and women run the show.

yet in every way...bangkok is unrelenting.  the heat (it's so hot), the food (it's so spicy), the coffee (it's extremely strong), the thunderstorms (daily and extremely intense downpours), the air-conditioning (it's so cold inside every building), the fruit (beautifully bright and insanely flavorful).  bangkok is one big  pelvic thrust.

we are so happy here.  the pace of life is fast yet no one is really in a hurry.  we've taken some time to decorate our condo and we love it.  we joined a gym and we love it (it's super tough, kicks major ass, and i get to learn muay thai!).  we have found home bars and restaurants and food courts (it's a big thing in thailand...the food court) we love.  we have an office at school, work is getting done, and our lab mates are awesome.  we've established home base.  bangkok is home.

dinner at MK, the real thai experience.

our beautiful nieces, Jaoka and new baby Jaoying.  

story time with Jaoka. 

a few selfies in the car on the way to lunch.

we went to the crocodile farm.  it was pretty wild.  as in...minimum separation between us and the crocs.

Kasper and Ivy came to visit and we went to LADY'S NIGHT!  free champagne for girls...all you can drink.  it is the DEFINITION of wild. you can see.

halloween!  out being a naughty kitty cat with Fon, Jao, and Jane

walking through campus.

 so that's where i've been the past month. getting settled in.  learning more of the language.  getting my feet about me in this very amazing, very fun city.  the sunsets are so beautiful, the view from home is stunning.  we're loving it.