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out of office : Prague, the bro-fest

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out of office : Prague, the bro-fest

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

all right - to wrap up the european version of out of office...we jumped a night train in Krakòw and headed to Prague.  this was not my first night train, as we took one from Yangon to Bagan while in Myanmar...and i am happy to report that this one was a VAST improvement.  the couple we bunked with thought differently....the girl told us that she thought the bathroom was pretty gross...and all i could think was...girl at least it flushes!  in Myanmar, it was just a hole onto the tracks!

regardless, we made it to Prague safe and sound, although a bit tired.  overnight trains don't always lend themselves to super great nights of sleep.  after a breakfast and a little rest, we headed into the city.  Prague is a beautiful old city, heavily spared from heavy bombed during WWII.  huge old churches, bridges, and grand city squares dotted the cityscape as far as the eye could see.  however, Prague is also a huge bro-fest.  tons of bro-teams were crawling the city, out to drink themselves silly and enjoy the beautiful eastern european women.  our entire hotel smelled like Axe...that's how much of a bro-fest it is.

but most importantly, there's this pork chop place.  the barkeep looks like Hodor from Game of Thrones.  he only serves Pilsner Urquell and boxed wine.  and then they have a gigantic pork chop, some beer cheese, some kind of sausage thing, and like maybe one other thing on the menu.  and you are literally not allowed to have an empty glass.  if your glass is empty, they just refill it (i mean, the wine/beer is like $1 a glass so...).  and then dessert is a shot of some mystery liquor kept under the bar in a plastic bottle with no label.  this place is the best find in Prague.  over the course of 3 hours there one afternoon, i single-handedly killed the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine (all by myself).  Jao has incredible video of my subsequent drunken rampage through the old city, in which i even found a Christmas ornament store and bought a Christmas ornament for a friend (????).  when i gave it to him...i literally did not know what i bought, as i'd had them wrap it up for me.

...that's kind of Prague, in a nutshell.  the pork chop place and unknown Christmas ornaments.

the last leg of our euro tour!

he's pretty cute!  this was after i found a thai massage place and got a foot massage and practiced my thai with the women there.

on our way to the pork chop place!

post-pork chop place.

a few great stills from this amazing video Jao took of me after my 2 bottles of win.  i was giving a drunken history of Prague (which i know nothing about) and Krakòw...

i found myself very entertaining.

so that was it.  The Czech Republic was done and then we were off to the good old US of A for a month!!!  more to come....but for now, it's more work on the thesis!  it's a holiday here in Bangkok on Thursday, so we have to leave the office very early due to horrific traffic so i must do more work NOW!