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Hurricane Irene mania - SoHo Shops Prepare (sorta..)

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

things are about to go on lockdown in Manhattan, so we thought we'd get out of the apartment before it became a dangerous situation.  first inclination...stalk the weather channel's Jim Cantori (he's kind of a stud muffin..) where he's reporting from in Battery Park City.  okay, we tried, but it got boring.  the river wasn't really churning, it was just a rainy day.  so up next, we walked around our neighborhood and found the shopping mecca of SoHo ....boarded up and prepped for the storm!  a weird sight!  i have to admit though..some of them were amazing ...some'll see.

The Apple Store, SoHo - not sure what those tarps are going to do but the sandbags are the most hardcore we saw.  the entire first floor of the store is deserted, all products are off the showroom floor and put into safety.  
Diesel - pretty impressively boarded up!

the infamous Prads SoHo - windows are covered and blocked out with heavy canvas, but nothing special.  they have the advantage of being up about 8 feet from the ground.

Elie Tahari did a professional hurricane prep job.  either they hired someone or one of their employees is from Miami.

despite the experts repeatedly saying that taping windows does absolutely nothing to pretend them from breaking, tons of shops taped their windows.  This is Burberry's kind of sad attempt at saving their windows.  i'm not convinced -  they didn't even take the merchandise out of the windows.

Louis Vuitton's weak attempt at window taping - at least the bags aren't in the windows.

Armani's taping adventures were by far the most impressive and organized, but still, i doubt it would do anything against flying debris, you know?

SoHo's beloved sandwich shop, Olives.  the iconic red bench was still out but the shop owners were bringing it in as we were walking away.  great job boarding up and +100 points for decorating the plywood!

Michael Kors on Prince Street - of their employees is from Miami or they hired professionals.  Perfectly covered windows, sandbags... nice work, Kors.  word is every store of his in the city was boasting the same impressive protection! no sassy hurricane bitch is going to mess with Michael Kors!

Issy Miyake's Pleats Please (this store intrigues me more every day - however, i need to win the lottery before i can afford anything from Issy it will continue to just intrigue me) - they didn't board their windows up or sandbag anything..but they did totally clean the showroom out to protect the incredibly expensive and beautiful clothes/bags in the event of flooding.  it was very eerie, actually.

my absolute #1 favorite - Chanel in SoHo!!!  broken down boxes lining the windows (and only HALF the windows..the rest of the windows are around the corner and they weren't covered!) and two sandbags!  DYING!  i just imagine all of the chic, whispy Chanel sales associates having a conversation about it over an espresso and a cigarette...
Chanel girl 1: oh. my. god. you guys, headquarters said we have to "prepare the store" for the hurricane.
Chanel boy 1: what does that even mean?
Chanel girl 2: um, like, what? lock the doors?
Chanel boy 2: guys i lived in Miami for a year, and they used sandbags!
Chanel girl 1: where would we even GET sandbags?
Chanel boy 1: this is New York, you can get anything.
Chanel girl 2: okay wait, i'll call my AmEx concierge, they'll send them. they send anything. how many? like...1?
Chanel boy 1: probably 2.
Chanel boy 2: i guess i'll break down the boxes the purses came in. we can..put windows?
Chanel girl 1: god, you're like a genius.
Chanel boy 2: i know.

i mean, i'm pretty sure that's EXACTLY what went on there....word for word.