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beauty in motion - a yogi's art

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

as you all know, i'm an avid yoga enthusiast.  i have been on the mat for 8 years now - not always with the same frequency of course - but it has been a constant in my life that i very much love and enjoy.  i have always told people that what i love about yoga is the beautiful control that the ancient practice gives your body and mind.

never is this more obvious than in this stunning video made by Equinox's Briohny Smyth, showing the art of the arm balance.  you will be memorized by her grace, strength, and beauty as so flows so effortlessly through a series of arm balance asanas.  and it will leave you nothing short of inspired.

she's a true artist, is she not?  

as a yogi, this...what is sitting in these 3 minutes of beautiful video... this is the end game.  
so inspired.  headed off to yoga momentarily, actually....

check out Equinox's amazing health/beautiful/fitness/wellness blog, Q by Equinox - but'll be obsessed with it.  i am.