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healthy + easy: cucumber-infused water

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healthy + easy: cucumber-infused water

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

i think most people know that we're supposed to drink water all day long.  easier said than done sometimes, right?  i will be the first to admit that sometimes, water just isn't the tastiest option.  sometimes, we want something extra, something tasty, something refreshing.  even i sometimes go for the orange slushy in the cafeteria at school.  i get it.

but i DO TRY.  and something i've always loved is swanky hotels, sometimes in the lobby they'll have big water dispensers filled with ice cold water and....slices of lemon, lime, oranges, or cucumbers!  and turns out, cucumber water solves my i-can't-stand-plain-water-anymore problems!

but ah the struggle.  if you just drop some cucumber slices into your glass of water, it doesn't turn out as well.  the seeds float out and into your mouth/straw.  the skin separates...ahh i don't know it just doesn't work!  but last week, my father-in-law gave me a game-changing "gift" (by gift i mean, he got it at a work conference and i was like...oh can i have that?!).  it's a water infuser...water bottle!  


this thing is literally perfect; attached to the lid is a cylinder with perforations....and you can drop any kind of sliced fruit you want in there.  and you fill the cup with water and voila, almost instantly you have perfectly infused, delicious fresh water!

like i said, i prefer cucumbers.  so i buy a whole cuke at the grocery store (usually like $1 or less), and i slice 4 slices off.  then slice each slice in half.  drop the halves into the cylinder, screw the cap on, dunk the whole thing into water, and poof.  perfect cucumber water.  (if you use lemons, limes, or oranges....those are more water-filled naturally, so probably one or two slices will satisfy your needs).

while this particular cup was a freebie at a conference....ones for purchase exist!  such as.....

and it's BPA free too!  ($6.99) here on amazon

or if you want go big or go home....

for your entertaining pleasure! ($19.95)  here on amazon

so also there is literally an WHOLE BOOK written about water infusing so maybe there are some tips and tricks to the trade that i've obviously missed out on in life, but.....if you're like me and you don't have the patience for whole book about water infusing.... just drop whatever you want in there and give it a try! 

so all right - i find this to be a quick, easy way to kind of enjoy drinking a LOT of water as my day goes on.  hopefully, this might help you too!