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waist training - part 1

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waist training - part 1

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

"these clips are so cute.  and this tiny little waist!"  - Cher, giving Ms. Geist a make-over (Clueless)

two years ago, no one knew what waist training was, but thanks to the almighty Kim K (and her sisters Kylie and Khloe and i think sometimes Kourtney), we know all know what means to train our waists.  it's a corset-like thing that you shove your mid-section into with the hopes of it helping to whittle your waist down to hourglass proportions.  ..that's pretty much it.

it's not like waist training is new, right?  we all remember Titanic.  rose being stuffed into that corset and almost passing out from her bitchy mother tying it so damn tight.  well, believe it or not, Rose was waist training.

it intrigues me, i can't help it.  i see Kim doing it, i see Dita Von Teese doing it... i'm intrigued.  does this work?  is this worth it?  what is going on here?  can i play?  can i have a slammin' bod like Kim K?  and i'm just going to come out and say it.  i started doing this for 100% vanity purposes.  i had no hidden agenda like...i want better posture!  it's a side effect (great posture definitely happens) but i am doing this 100% to have more whittled down waist.  who cares, right?  i know some people find that vain or will enjoy judging me for that but....  as kim would say...can i live?

image via instragram/kimkardashianwest

image via instragram/kimkardashianwest

so i'm doing it.  but small snafu, i don't have a waist trainer.  but then my husband was like "hey what about your corset?"  he's a genius.  SO ok full disclosure, i am not yet using the "waist trainer" style thing that the Kardashians use. (use the link to get it there!)  i want one and i'm going to order it but i haven't yet.  as of right now, i'm literally using a corset (the kind of hooks and ties) from Agent Provocateur.  this particular one is the Jet Corset (no longer available...but you can get something similar here...or something a little more affordable here)

so that's what it's like, for me, at this moment.  i've been doing it for about a week now, and what i've found so far is: my posture is better, undoubtedly.  additionally, while it isn't comfortable to sit around for 1-2 hours per day in a full-on corset (i feel for you, Rose!), i kind of enjoy it at this point.  which is weird.  but the restricted feeling is kind of enjoyable and sitting up straight (with no option to slump) is fantastic.  one weird side effect: you can sometimes forget to breathe enough!  if you don't take nice, deep kind of feel like you're being squeezed to death after a few minutes.  get that yoga breath going.

challenges: it's hard to tighten your own corset.  it's tough for me to get the top super tight because i mean your arms only extend so far (you can see in the pictures, the upper part is looser but in my defense...the upper ribcage/boob area requires more space!).  but the lower part is ok and i can get it pretty tight (the key is lacing your corset properly before even putting it on, see this tutorial for help).  additionally, it's difficult to sit in what we consider a "normal" position.  i'm getting more used to it but you kind of have to tilt yourself forward and sit more on your hip bones (finally a non-yoga use for my ability to sit on my hip-bones/sit-bones).  and finally, it makes me feel like i can't drink or eat very much while i'm wearing it.  which i guess it's not a bad thing to not be able to have a snack.

fun things: it's sexy and feels sexy.  it really pushes my boobs up!  but most importantly, my posture is BETTER.  when i sit down, i feel more uptight.  when i walk, i tuck my core in better and walk upright. it's a huge different.

unknown things: is my waist getting smaller? not sure!  I'll be wearing it for a month to see what happens (and i'll be switching to the Kardashian-approved one shortly!), and i'll be increasing the time i wear it each as well.  so...i'll let you know on my week 2 update (and week 3 and week 4)!

overall, i'm continually intrigued and i kind of enjoy the pleasure/pain aspect of it.  i'm going to keep doing it.  the improved posture is a HUGE bonus and i am really into that (standing up taller makes everyone look more chic).  

finally - i understand there are some people who feel this is not good for you or may be not the best idea or whatever... but look, i'm not a doctor, and i'm not TELLING YOU that YOU should go out and waist train.  you guys are all adults, you do you.  make the decisions you feel are best for you.  i'm just.....letting you on my experience.  :-)

all that being said though - i dig waist training so far and can't WAIT to see what happens in the next few weeks!  Stay tuned!