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dorm chic - grad school style // wine + dine

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

such a nice Saturday, isn't it?  it's been a calm morning and afternoon consisting of a James Bond marathon (omg Daniel Craig... i can't handle it.  his eyes, the accent, his smirk... dying) and me..scouring the internet for things to spruce up my upcoming campus apartment. it's not a dorm, i can assure you of that...and this time, my focus has moved to my dining/kitchen situation!

the first thing i need is a little kitchen table.

i like this....square, functional, small enough.  the color is a little boring but i could make it work. $139

another option.i like that i could make it bigger...and i like the wood/white combo as well!  it seems fresh and bright, you know? $130

what i really want is a little white kitchen table.  like this. but i hate circle tables.  i think round table tops are so super inefficient, especially in a small space.  but i do like this... $149.99

for chairs...
these are perfect, regardless of which table i get. $119.99

for eating, drinking, and decorating...
love the color. $12-18

omg i love square plates.  i love minimalism. so crisp. $5.95

other than navy blue, yellow is another favorite color.  such cute little juice glasses. $8.00

a center of table decoration!  omg how great is this?  with a little collection of pillar candles on it? i love candles. candlelight is the best kind of light available. $80

and of course... the reusable coffee cups.  i'm a latte freak (although i'm currently attempting to be on a caffeine cleanse. i'm on day 2...doing well so far. not sure how long i'll hold out though.)  keep one at home and one in my office on campus. $10

now i know you're all like...what about wine glasses?  truth is... 1. i already have really nice wine glasses.  2. i really don't drink alcohol like, at all.  a glass of champagne here, a maker's mark w/ gingerale there..but even that's rare. 

eek the days of moving are approaching!  75 days until i pack it up and bounce! 
(not like i'm counting or anything.)

p.s. still watching Bond. Daniel Craig, marry me.  
p.p.s. I'll probably dress like a spy on Monday.  or a Bond Girl.