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i got to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in me

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it's an absolutely gorgeous, sunny Sunday in New York... can you think of a better day to honor the woman who gave you life?  i wanted to take this post as an opportunity to give my mom and my grandmother props ..and wish the the happiest of Mother's Days ever...especially since i can't be there in person!

first of all...i am an absolute dead ringer for my mother.  so that was the first thing she blessed me with.  her superior genetics.  she's a total betty and a obviously i am her you can see..

(in the middle.)

(far left, in that great pink dress)

that's her when she was my age.  no, you're not seeing that incorrectly.  that's not me.  it's my mom.  for real.

(us, at the tree in Rockefeller Center, 2011)

so everyone always says they have the best mom in the world.  but no really...i have the best mom.  as i've gotten older and matured into adulthood, i've realized how lucky i am to have her as my mommy.  she's my best friend, and everything good in me is from her.  

she has been my biggest cheerleader and best friend my entire life... always encouraging me to be myself and that "fitting in" was overrated..especially during my teenage years when i really struggled with being a little bit different.  i have confidence as a woman because of my mom always believing in me, always telling me i could accomplish anything, and that marching to my own beat was my best quality.  my mom taught me kindness, patience, grace, and strength...and most to be a kind, patient, gracious, and strong woman..even under pressure.

my favorite thing in the entire world... is when i visit my mom's house...we have this great covered  porch attached to the house...and i love to get a latte with her and sit on the porch and gossip with her.  our dog sits with us, and we just talk for hours.  there is nothing in the entire world i'd rather do every day...than do that.  she's my mom ...but she's my bestie too.  

and then my Gramma too!

(me, gramma, and my sister Stephanie, holidays 2009)

how fierce is my Gramma?!  i'm super close with my Gramma..."G" as i always call her... and she's another incredible woman that i owe a lot too.  she was ALWAYS my biggest cheerleader, always encouraging me to take the risk, wear the crazy outfit, be a little different, kiss the cute boy, buy the tallest shoes... my Gramma loves to laugh, loves a good dirty joke...and there's nothing i love more than having lunch with her when i visit.  we call it Lunch Club.  some kids don't have good fortune of really getting to know their grandparents..and i've had the unbelievable luck to have a second set of parents in mine..and now to know them as an adult... it only gets sweeter.  my Gramma is truly a God-sent.  she wants nothing more than for me to be happy, and i'm so lucky to have her in my life.

so Happy Mother's Day to my mommy and my gramma...and to all the moms out there!  the world is a better place because of our mothers!