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a couple of things on thursday....

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

a couple of things....

1. it's British Open Weekend. oh wait...The Open, excuse me.  this is my favorite Majors tournament for a myriad of reasons, but the biggest is that the British Open makes golfers its bitch EVERY. YEAR.  every year it's like... 138 mph winds, 539 sand bunkers, driving rain, potentially with a high of 61 degrees, even in high July.  and i just love that.  the course is always gorgeous, always in some Scottish or British Highland, like a scene out of Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings, but with..golfers and not Gandalf.  but it's not even about that.  it's just about The British Open bringing the worst possible conditions to the plate.  every year.  without fail.  and the best golfers in the world show up and are like...bend me over, British Open.  i will struggle to even shoot par.  i am your bitch.

the Claret Jug is pretty fierce though.
i looked for a picture of mah boo Phil Mickelson holding it, but oh wait..he's never won.  i just don't think Phil is really that into like... inclement weather conditions.  the rain & wind probably just isn't great for his hair or his sexy pants he's been wearing lately.  

2.  it's the middle of July & i start school in 32 days.  it's been 3 years since i left college, and in this fast-movin' world we live in...3 years is like an eternity.  but i digress.  as a mostly organized person (i say mostly because i have moments of serious chaos), however, i LOVE back to school supplies.  notebooks. binders.  post-it notes, filing folders.  highlighters. day planners. omg i love it.  so i've been slowing amassing my collection of SUPER CHIC binders and notebooks.  because HELLO i will need them for school! 

aren't they so cute?!  and then someone laughed and me and was like "everyone takes notes on their computers now." please reference above. out of school 3 years. 3 years = i guess notebooks/binders aren't happening anymore.  i don't care. i'll be the dinosaur who takes notes on paper and still uses binders.  this person also pointed out that it's a very serious possibility that none of my graduate level engineering peers will 1. care about my chic binders. 2. notice my chic binders. 3. be impressed with how i'm not falling subject to Boring Binder Syndrome.  i pointed out to this someone that i didn't buy chic binders for anyone but myself.  duh.  god life can be complicated.

3. in a frenzied three days, i read 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn and it's SO GOOD and everyone must read it.  it's a scary, poignant, literally jaw-dropping view into the terrifying lives of a married couple whose twisted love has morphed into something neither could have expected and is completely exposed when Amy, the sweet, patrician wife, goes missing.  i couldn't put it down and it left me so unsettled, so uneasy while reading it that it actually gave me an upset stomach.  it's BRILLIANT.

4.  i got this great sheer blouse from Alex + Alex, and i love it!  i wore it out with these cute white shorts and it was so cute.  but in an unforeseen event, i then later had to meet someone fairly important and you know what i was thinking?
it's great to meet you, sir, but i really wish you couldn't see my belly button ring right now. and the outline of my entire body.  and my bra.   

lesson learned.  save the sheer blouse for date nights ONLY.  no day time activities.

ok last one....
5.  my genius friend Rachel wrote the BEST article for Four Pins about why girls do style blogs.  it's so funny and so dead on.  i know i'm throwing stones while sitting in a glass house, as i write this..on a style blog (a mostly style blog), but i always can't help but laugh when i browse most style blogs.  all the posing, the looking down at the sidewalk with a smirk, the posing in fields.  as if life is really just that quaint and quietly fabulous.  it's no secret i take my outfit pictures in the mirrors with my iPhone.  i don't have the time or patience or desire to like... have someone take pictures of me staring at the sidewalk with a rueful smile on my face.  i'd be mortified and horribly embarrassed to do so, but really the reason is because my life isn't like that. i don't leap through fields in my skirts and i don't think there's anything worth smiling about on the sidewalk.  people say they like how i dress, and are interested in how i put things together, and that's fine, but let's get real here.  my life is not in a sepia filter and it's not Valencia either.  i really struggle to not spill things on my white skirts....i would never be able to leap through fields in them.

the best part of her article, though, is when she waxes poetic on the amass-ing of followers...

You probably know 100 people who use Twitter, and you only need like 200 followers before someone will send you something for free, or at least invite you to a cool party.
Suddenly it feels like you’re making it. In reality, nothing is happening at all.
so true, girl.  so true.