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Rock Your Wings - Oshkosh Air Show!

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

i was lucky ducky enough to go to the Oshkosh Air Show yesterday - my geekdom was at an all time high!  i learned a lot of interesting information yesterday while attending this legendary airshow...

1.  i am no where near the biggest dork/geek/nut out there.
2.  i'd beat someone over the head for my own military flight suit.
3.  crosswinds make an already super tense approach/arrival procedure even more intense.  (this is
     obvious, but i was really seriously reminded of it)
4.  Arriving and landing at Oshkosh potentially gave me PTSD.
5.  people have really interesting ways of dressing to beat the heat.

since i was totally obsessed with dressing like Mrs. Captain America, i went with a red & white thing, leaving navy blue out of it, so i wouldn't look like a flag.
shorts & slub cotton tank, J.Crew.

i started off wearing really cute J.Crew flats but then really quickly changed over to my leopard print TOMS.  it was hot, it's a lot of walking, and i just couldn't deal with my feet sweating in somewhat expensive leather shoes all day.  whatever.  compared to the people who were camping there all week & uhh...yeah.  my 2nd shoe choice was just fine - i felt perfectly cute and perfectly Mrs. Captain America.

okay - so...the arrival procedure.  this was my first time flying into Oshkosh, and i also learned that during this week of the airshow, Oshkosh is the busiest airport in the world.  they land something like 140-160 aircraft per hour (O'Hare lands about 110/hour) - so just LISTENING to ATC/Tower on approach was incredible.  they handle so much traffic that when given instructions upon approach, no one is allowed to respond...if you are clear on what was just said to ROCK YOUR WINGS back and forth.  i'm sorry, what?  no, that's correct.  don't respond, just rock your damn wings.  omg.  and then upon final approach, you are assigned a runway and a "dot color."  HUGE dots are painted on the runways, and they land two planes at once: one on a close dot, one of the far dot.  ............RIGHT?!  omg i was freaking out.  oh, also, we had a wicked crosswind that was throwing the aircraft around like a rag doll.  but...nonetheless, we landed with no incident, taxied with ease, and had the BEST TIME!

ok some sick planes...
 i was overly obsessed with this airlifter (obviously since i took 11 million pictures).  i could not get over how MASSIVE IT IS.  like the wheels were bigger than me.  i was in AWE.

 BIG jet engines. um. yes.
 such a cool, perfectly restored, vintage plane.

a beauty.

and a few of my spoils...i got a really sweet new Telex headset for flying (duh)....and since you can take the girl out of the sorority but you cannot take the sorority out of the girl....i got the t-shirt because i love event t-shirts!!!!!!
that's how i felt when we landed. like spirit fingers! we're alive!

i know it's backwards but it says "Rock Your Wings - and land on your dot!" - a cute shirt making light of the scariest landing of my life.

well - i survived & lived to tell my tale.  it was the best day i've had in recent memory (for real), and i already can't wait for next year!    maybe next year, in an effort to avoid the sweet tan lines i got yesterday, i'll just wear an American flag bikini.  why not, right?