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on September, activities of late, and wedding planning...

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

September is the January of Fashion.

oh Candy Pratt-Price.  i'm sure she had no idea that when she uttered those words in the first half of the September Issue that it'd become so iconic amongst fashion chicks.  well, it has and it's true.  and the first day of September is here in Tokyo!  i mean, fine it's like 94 degrees outside and it feels like scorched earth but i'm positive the cool nights are coming (fingers crossed).

September conjures up images of faux fur jackets, cool mornings with hot lattes, motorcycle boots, jeans, sweaters, leather skirts, and pony hair leopard print booties.  i mean, that's what it makes me think of.

image via

i, for one, am very excited that September is here.  it's full of great things... for one..MY SISTER IS COMING TO VISIT!!  i'm so excited to see her - we have so many things to show her in Tokyo.  we're even taking her to a sumo match!  she will also have my absolutely favorite motorcycle boots in tow with her, as i was unable to fit them in my suitcase on the way here.  that and a book about control theory.  do i know how to rage or what?

then in the middle of her trip, we're taking her to Bangkok for a week to show her around there...and i can practice my developing Thai skills.  they're pretty weak but i mean, i think i can order food on my own and get through immigration speaking 100% Thai. i'll take it.  she leaves after a week but Jao and i are staying for another two weeks. i love Bangkok and more importantly I LOVE THAI ICED COFFEE and i will be having an enormous iced coffee from the coffee place downstairs in our condo building every single morning with no shame.

so what's been going on lately?  August was hot as HELL in Tokyo.  but we went to a few matsuri festivals, a few fireworks shows, saw some good movies, climbed Mt. Fuji (hell on earth), went for some onsen trips up into the mountains, and actually did some work (shocking i know).

this was before i had a complete meltdown.

finally summited Fuji after 7.5 hours.

Fuji wasn't even beautiful. it looked like the moon.

beautiful sky on the way down though.

cocktail bar Gen (dress Alexander Wang, shoes Oscar de la Renta).

Yakitori date with Declan, Jao's old friend.

we took Declan to a baseball game too!  

i like this one because look at my ASS.  i mean, as a former sufferer of white girl ass syndrome... i can now proudly say that after 3 years with Steve Feinberg and now a year of Tracy Anderson later... I HAVE AN ASS.

Matsuri in Azabu-Juban. 

i love this.  in it.

and what else? planning!  our lovely wedding day in San Diego is less than six months away, and i'm going to come out and say planning is a NIGHTMARE. i hate it.  when we first told everyone we're getting married, everyone kept telling me "enjoy planning! it's so fun!" and at first it was this is great. we found a great venue that has an idian food buffet option, we secured a beautiful monastery up in the mountains in an avocado field for the ceremony, got the sickest photographer to capture it seemed like...what else could there be? the big stuff was taken care of! i mean, obvi, i knew it'd be more things but damn, yo.  it's so much pressure, so much expectation, and it is not what all the wedding blogs make it look like.

all the blogs are pictures like this.....all cute and quant and adorable and soft-light filtered....

images via

and then this is how i feel.....

it's probably expectations maybe i had of myself (?) and then societal expectations and social expectations but i feel like a deadbeat bride because i'm not INTO IT.  of course i want everything to be nice and beautiful, but when i realize that i have to plan right down to which type of forks i want or which chairs i want at the tables...i get all Nina Sayers and am like IT'S MY TURN TO BE THE BLACK SWAN and i get all crazy and start throwing my iPad around because honestly, the forks?!

like...seriously? the forks? what?

and then i got an email asking about the lighting scheme we want at the reception and if we want our new monogram projected on the wall.  i cannot even fathom what kind of lighting scheme i want....i mean...i want a regular lighting scheme? and anyone who even knows me a little bit knows that even an email that mentions my monogram is enough to make me want to go hara-kiri right there and drive a samurai sword through my eyes.

however, that's not to say there aren't thing i do enjoy.  i like to organize events and things as if they were a huge Vogue photoshoot.  one time i threw a party for Unilever at the SoHo house, and it was so epic... even the party planner girl at the SoHo House was impressed with how well i directed the guys to lay the room out and organize the tables and decorations.  and this is obviously no different. like i know the pictures will be stunning out at the monastery...the two of us.. in my dress, in his suit, giving alms to the monks...being blessed by Ajaan Geoff... the sun setting off the balcony for the cocktail hour of the Loubtouin flats that i got to go with my dress, red lipstick, red nails, fierce hair....

her heart's colder than the soul of men, she got louboutin on her toes again...

sneak peek at the dress...still needs alterations of course but...nonetheless....

sash options. one must have options.

and the wedding bod inspiration....Gaga in BTW... (her bod in this video, i cannot. so good).

so ok. it's not all a nightmare.  i love helping my sister (my one and only bridesmaid...and the most fabulous one in the world) find her dress and accessories and shoes....i like trying to find the perfect shade of red nail polish..i like scouring magazines and couture shows for hair inspiration.  and i know it'll be amazing.  no matter what kind of forks we the end of the day, i'll get to fall asleep next to my husband and that's the only detail that really matters :-)

ใจเย็น jai yen ka. (stay cool).