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world cup heat

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

the 2014 World Cup has been in full swing for several weeks now, and as those of us who are a little newer to the game are finding out...umm...every single game is pretty much stacked with SUPER hot guys.  like, excuse me Neymar Jr, where have you been all my life? (apparently on the cover of Vogue Brazil).

but anyways - even if soccer isn't your thing, the following eye candy is enough to make you get up and turn the World Cup on....

Neymar Jr with Brazil's other national treasure, Gisele.

Clint Dempsey - the USA's texan stud and resident bad ass (he played two games with a broken nose, like NBD)

Kyle Beckerman, the hot one from the US team with dreads.  his engagement pictures surfaced recently and are really embarrassing (as i think most engagement pictures are?), but whatever, he's still a FOX.

and then my favorite....JURGEN KLINSMANN (the USA coach)

 Jurgen Klinsmann, the US coach, is a German import, lives in Orange County, CA, has a hot wife, and he has zero fucks to give.  he is not one of those coaches in a suit...he wears his worn out Nike USA team polo, because why not?  he's super animated, and in interviews, despite being from Germany and having played for the winning German team many years ago, he refused to answer questions in German.  he actually made someone translate the German question into English to him before he answered it.  he plays mind games, he doesn't care about egos, and he WANTS TO WIN.  

OK OK...and here's a little Neymar eye candy from this awesome Beats by Dre commercial......

 i mean....i have an affinity for Neymar Jr...but the US guys are pretty smokin' hot!

I believe....I believe that we will win!

GO USA!!!!!  

(and shoutout to all the expats who have to get up or stay up until an ungodly hour to cheer our country on!  gotta support the motherland!)