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สวัสดี - hello - g'day mate !!!!!

health + home

everything else in life.

สวัสดี - hello - g'day mate !!!!!

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it seems impossible that our time in Bangkok (at least...THIS time in Bangkok) is winding down.  we're about 7 days away from leavin' on a jet plane to spend the summer at Purdue (to get it DONE, son), and then hey...newsflash, we're moving to AUSTRALIA! (in September!)

i will very very seriously miss living in Bangkok.  i was sad to leave japan but honestly i wasn't that sad.  i loved our house and Japanese food is really good....but UGH japan is kind of a nightmare.  Bangkok is....the exact opposite.  i mean i love our house here too and THAI FOOD IS THE BEST EVER.  but all that aside, life in Thailand is peaceful.  no one gets that worked up about stuff.  you can basically do anything you want and there is no combination of food that is impossible.  i love eating here because every order is a conversation.  like want curry.  green? red? yellow? massaman? do you want chicken? pork? beef? fish? veggies? spicy, kinda spicy, really spicy, not spicy, no chili at all?  brown rice, regular rice, fermented rice noodles?  they do it your own.  therefore, every amazing.  thankfully, we'll be back frequently!  (whew).

at the crab buffet.  omg so amazing.

it's the people, though. 

social misfits, like no other

.  most people are worried about each other being comfortable, or สบายสบาย . you's just what works for you.  we've met some really cool people here.  when i got my first sak yant tattoo here, we met this guy...American guy from Brooklyn.  he's been living abroad for a long time, but Bangkok is home, he gets it.  he's super weird, tatted up, loves the same books/movies/TV shows we do... and when i got my second sak yant (see below!), he happened to be there again.  he knows it's super painful, so in an effort to keep my mind off the searing pain..he sat down in front of me, talked to me for 45 minutes about the most random stuff, and also fed me icee pops to keep me cool/keep my sugar up in the 95 degree heat of Arjarn Thoy's work room.  it was almost weird how easily we all felt like family.  weird knows weird, we all recognize ourselves in each other. 

discussing Mitch Rapp.

(sitting around in 95 degree heat to make you laugh during searing pain is what real friends do, you guys!)

there's art and then there's this.... i am so lucky to have found such a talented and amazing sak yant master.

ok .... i don't feel ready to re-integrate into american society for 4 months.  it much different than life here.  i love life here, it's so fun and so relaxed and so wild and so entertaining.  the rules are kind of a suggestion and as long as you're not cramping anyone else's style, everyone is pretty much down for anything.  so...a few highlights from Bangkok, this time around!

bestie visit!

muay thai fights in the living room.

valentine's day.

going in for a kiss.

found alex for a few hours before he had to go back to the US.

bingsoo.  a fav.

waiting for my latest sak yant at Arjarn Thoy's.

coconuts after the crocodile farm!


fun holidays at the condo.

wine night.

having an animated convo with alex at breakfast (jok!)


sak yant.

happy birthday bamboo!!

giraffe adventures.

ATVs in Khao Yai.

enjoying a little "hike" in khao yai national park! (why does my hair look so light here?  the challenges of interracial photography!)

Happy Songkran!!!  this was my favorite holiday that i've ever celebrated in my entire life.

water fights for Songkran on Silom road!

till next time, BKK!!!!!

you're up next, America.  

and then...AUSTRALIA! we're comin' for ya!