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hiatus - commence?

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it's been almost a month since i've updated... i don't even have a decent excuse.  i've been busy, i've been tied up...i guess.  but honestly, i just kind of went on mental hiatus.  i've been tossing my issues of Vogue and Elle aside lately in favor of a Differential Equations workbook and a book about Classical Control Theory.  i've been watching excessive amounts of '24' and reading a couple of other great books at night (finished 'Outliers' - reread 'The Girl who Played with Fire' - started 'The God Delusion' ..all interesting and well written!).  i've kind of checked out from the world, essentially.  and it's been really great.

but ok, a few outfits that have popped up recently.

post MIT visit: pants, JCrew. tshirt, MIT. sweater, JCrew. sneakers, Jack Purcell.

headed out to get new glasses!  pants, JCrew. striped tank, Target.  sweater, JCrew. heels, Vince Camuto. bag, Proenza Schouler.

black + white.  dress, Alexander Wang.  leggings, Kova and T, boots, Frye.  

i babysat my nephew for a week, it was so fun!  he lounged all week and mostly slept, but he's a super cute little guy.

what i've been listening to...
  • Gifted - nasa
  • Suicide Dream 2 - How to Dress Well
  • Swimsuits - The Cool Kids
  • 212 - Azealia Banks
  • Someone That I Used to Know - Gotye
  • Girls Like You - The Naked and the Famous
  • Little Things - Bush
  • I Don't Give A... - Madonna ft Nicki Minaj (the new MDNA album is pretty great!)
  • The Space Inbetween - How to Destroy Angels
  • Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion - Oliver Tank
i've been spring shopping like crazy, so hopefully i can pull it together enough to remember to photograph my outfits!  i got this amazing hot pink maxi's so good.

so a quick update on the new years resolutions (can you guys even believe it's already April on Sunday?).
1. i have mastered full camel pose, and i am now moving on to arm balances. infinitely harder, i think.
2. GRE taken, rocked.  applications in. now the waiting game.
3. chrono-nutrition, i'm doing pretty well.  i have the occassional burrito bowl from chipotle for dinner..but oh well.
4. i bring my lunch faithfully!

all in all, i'm feeling successful for the year.  this waiting game with the school applications nauseates me.  literally i'm sick with nerves on a daily basis.  but as they say, nothing that's worth it is ever easy!  the chicest chick with a PhD ain't easy, ladies and gents ;-)

i'm speaking at my alma mater in a couple of weeks, at an event to encourage high school kids to be engineers. i'm in a huge tizzy over what to wear.  i've gone through like 500 options. i'm interested to see which i'll pick!  

again, sorry i've been gone.  i promise i'll swing by more often!