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Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it's been awhile, right?  i guess i went dark for the summer but i'm thinkin' in back.  

(i hope someone other than my husband caught that Keanu Reeves reference).

last time i checked in, we were getting ready to leave Bangkok for the summer and heading back to Purdue to get some important things done.  and done they are : my husband officially graduated with his Ph.D and i couldn't be more proud!  Dr. Jao is in the house. it was a busy summer filled with travel for conferences and basically just nonstop work but a lot was accomplished.  (i finally walked for my masters!)

so post-graduation, we visited New York to see friends.  it was my first return in three years, a reunion i suppose.  it was fantastic, but onwards to Dubai/Abu Dhabi from there.  and i know how the UAE is.  GLAMOROUS AF. we saw our cousin and friends there, and then we were off to Bangkok.  Bangkok was a whirlwind of friends, old and new.  wild nights of dancing (as usual), infinite amounts of amazing food, and lots of love.  

ladies night with my two favs.

ladies night with my two favs.

i even finished my back up with a beautiful pair of tigers, for strength.  when i got my first sak yant with Arjarn Thoy, i remember Jao saying to me "i having a feeling you'll end up with a full back at some point" and i was all like...oh my god no way! i would never.  but here i am 9 months later with a full back of sak yant.  some things are just beyond our control, i guess.  it was two hours of pain and every tear was worth it. (photos below: me getting worked on / smiling through the pain.  the finished product. jao, myself and i with Pae, Arjarn Thoy's daughter-in-law/bad ass boss/wonderful woman and nice friend)

and all right, now what?  well, we're living in Australia now!  Brisbane, to be exact.  it's great... its' a beautiful city of about 1 million people and it is full of delicious asian food, ENDLESS gluten free options, running paths galore, and a koala sanctuary that i can't get enough of (see below).  

the accent isn't tough to understand at all, the people are very friendly and yes...they do say "mate" and "barbie" instead of grill or barbecue.  we put some lamb steak on the barbie over the weekend and it was delicious!  otherwise, adjustment here isn't so tough... it's not like the asian megacities of the past three years (tokyo, bangkok) - it's a slower pace, it's english speaking, and it's very western in lifestyle.  that's not to say it wasn't a BLAST figuring out how to ride motorcycle taxis around Thong Lor ...but the rhythm of life here is more similar to the US.  

and again... it's hard to say that because there is a huge part of me that prefers the motorcycle taxi mayhem to the orderly westernized society.  but as with all's important to recognize each system's importance and place in my life.  the peaceful chaos of bangkok and tokyo will still be there: sometimes i think it's more challenging to adapt back to western life again!  but as a plus...tons of thais here in Brisbane!  the thai restaurant nearby has SOLID noodles... oh and we'll be back in BKK in March so ain't no thang!

one discovery here in particular: the glue store.  some seriously sick clothes.  i score these assembly crops there last night, as well as some SERIOUSLY dope gold Supergas.

top, lululemon.  harem crops, assembly.  sneaks, superga. purse, proenza scholar. sunnies, oliver peoples. headphones, beats by dre in matte black. 

so that's the last four months, sort of wrapped up.  we got the chance to hop back to the US for two of our best friends to get married the first week of October...which also afforded us some time in Vegas and even more in California (In'n'Out!!!!).  but that's for another day.

you'll also notice the blog is kind of looking different.  i think the new design reflects a more grown up, more mature look since i've come a long way from being 23 in a good way!  it's split up into fashion etc/travel etc/ and home and health etc.  i plan on posting more often and talking more about the gems we find when we're out (like the best place for pad thai in bangkok! or the best gf donuts in Brisbane!  or awesome korean bbq in Santa Clara!).  hope you guys are into it!

it's good to be back.