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asian skin care, part II (product list of my current routine!)

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asian skin care, part II (product list of my current routine!)

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

so you guys are as interested in asian skin care as i am.  i got so many questions and comments yesterday about no-make-up and how asian skin care helped that journey.  and about what products i use to maximize brightness and render make-up useless! :-)  so i wanted to give you an update on my current product list, give you links so you guys can buy them too, and give you a few little details about demystifying asian skin care.

i also just wanted to mention the header picture for this post : i feel weird like...OH A PICTURE OF ME, YES! LOOK AT ME!  but the point here is.. before i started taking care of my skin with these products, i would have NEVER taken a picture this close, with no makeup on, and felt good about it. i can.  and my skin looks clear and bright all on its own.  no foundation needed and #nofilter

so anyways.


morning (daily):

1. Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Soap (Hinoki scent) + Clarisonic Mia Brush

this stuff is life. you can buy black charcoal soap at a lot of places in the US now, but THIS IS THE SHIT.  the other stuff can't compare, it has to be this one.  the OG stuff i found at an onsen (hot spring) hotel in a forest in Japan.  what magic they use to make this, it cannot be replicated.  lather on your hands with warm water, wash your face, and then use a Clarisonic brush with the soap on your face to really cleanse.  I only use the Clarisonic brush 3 times a week though.  Otherwise, it's like...too much.  BUT THE SOAP IS DAILY!

2. Mizon Snail Repair All-in-One Cream

lol this picture.  the snail.  

lol this picture.  the snail.  

this is my morning/daytime lotion.  this stuff is awesome, and it's NOT expensive which is the best part.  it's a pretty big jar, it will easily last you 3-4 months at a time.  i just dip my fingers in, enough to cover the pads of my first two fingers, and then gently massage that into my face (small korean circles!)!!  and that's it. my face is done. no make-up needed.

BONUS: Sunscreen that does not F your skin up - Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF 50

so i feel like we all don't put sunscreen on enough.  we should.  I TRY SO HARD to remember to put sunscreen on my face every morning after my snail cream dries.  this brand/type is the only one i will use.  found it in japan.  it's really light, it's kind of a weird watery texture, but it WILL NOT GIVE YOU PIMPLES or clog your pores.  use it.

Night (daily)

1. Wash my face with soap again (see above for the link).

2. Snail White !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or the gold concentrate version!)

this is the Snail White stuff that took my life over.  i'm not kidding you.  we were in Thailand in March, and i was already obsessed with snail cream.  but then we got into the elevator in our condo building, and this commercial was on the little TV in there.....

AND YES. you may not be able to understand that commercial but i KNOW you understood "7/11" - YES YOU CAN BUY THIS AT 7/11 IN THAILAND.  anyways.  can you see why i was intrigued?  like snails? whitening?  this cool delivery method with the press top?  i saw it like probably 12 times in the elevator and suddenly i was at the BOOT (boots Thai you call it...BOOT! way better), and i was cradling the Snail White Gold Concentrate in my hands, telling my husband that i NEEDED IT.  so it does work.  it lightens dark spots, it balances tone, balances moisture, and essentially really does make your skin gorgeous.  since i started using this, i've noticed that any pimples i do get heal faster, and the mark that remains after the pus is gone...goes away a lot faster (and goes away completely).  so i use this every night before i go to bed.  IMMEDIATELY before i go to bed.  it's Snail White and then an immediate dive into the sheets.  that way, the cream can really work it's magic on my clear, fresh skin with nothing stopping it. i always crawl into bed and tell Jao...the snails are on!   (one note: apparently there's a hot black market for Snail White. LOL. i'm serious.  they sell FAKE VERSIONS of this shit.  so when you're looking at it online, make sure it's made by Namu Life.  that's the official producer!)


Sheet Masks (snail, collagen, charcoal, pearl, etc.)

i do a sheet mask once a week.  it's not a big deal what brand they are, or even what the essence in them is.  i like to alternate between snail masks and collagen masks, but seriously any of them are fine.  OH there's a snake venom one that i like too - it really plumps your skin and makes it firm!  sounds nuts's really nice.  these are just like a sweet boost.  you'll notice an immediately change in the tone and appearance of your skin.  IMMEDIATE. you just pop one on, lay around for 20 minutes, and then take it off.  rub the leftover goo into your skin, and then carry on.  HOWEVER, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO NOT OVERPAY FOR THESE.  omg i rage when people buy the sheet masks from Nordstroms for like $10/mask.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  if you pay more than $2/mask, YOU ARE GETTING RIPPED OFF.  for real.  go to an asian supermarket. they're like 99 cents.  DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $2/MASK.  the cheap ones are GREAT. there's no need to spend $100 on masks for 10 weeks when you can spend $20 (in Thailand i bought 10 for $6.  SIX. DOLLARS.) and get the same f'ing results!  

Cure Nature Aqua Gel

the mother of all exfoliators.  i've talked about this magic before..but it's really important to exfoliate, and this stuff literally peels the dead skin off your face.  it's really powerful, so once or twice a week is all you need.  i found this in's legit MAGIC.  it does not come with english instructors so... wash your face with the black soap.  dry it.  gently dampen your skin with just a little bit of water so it's...just damp, not wet.  then take a pump of this stuff and rub it all over your face continuously for a few minutes.  rub circles on your nose, cheeks, chin..and all the dead skin will start to ball off your face.  then rinse.  and MARVEL at how a new face has been revealed of fresh, soft skin.  even my husband LOVES this shit.  

OK - that's it.  wash + moisturize in the morning.  wash + moisturize at night.  exfoliate once or twice a week, sheet mask once a week.  and you're done.  nothing is overly expensive, it doesn't need to be!  i hope you guys find the same happiness i've found with my skin using this stuff. 

one key point: it doesn't happen overnight.  sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks to see serious results.  hang in there, don't give up.  drink a lot of water to flush nasty stuff out of your skin.  give the snails some time to work their magic!