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the art of getting dressed.

the best i ever had..

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

there are a lot of aspects of my life in which i am NOT lazy.  my apartment is a fifth floor walk-up, i haul ass everywhere in manhattan...i only take the subway if there is a major time constraint or if it's like 30 blocks or more, i work out every. single. day.  however...there are some times in my day that i am lazy to the core.  and i fully admit it.

my laziness sparks a love of multi-tasking items.  the most recent being a delightful little creation from NARS called The Multiple in Orgasm.  It's a make-up solid, used for lips, cheeks, and eyes.  Orgasm is probably one of the most universally flattering shades of make-up ever made, and this make-up stick is no exception.

i've been a NARS Orgasm lover since i first discovered it during my senior year of high school.  and now that it comes in a solid, i love it even more.  a quick swipe on each of my cheek bones, followed by light blending with my fingertips leaves a perfect, rosy sheen that highlights my face beautifully and leaves me looked flushed and warm.  two very gentle swipes to my brow bones, just below my eye brows, and i'm looking ready for my day, all in under 30 seconds.  

i throw it in my purse, clutch, or work bag every day and apply it to my lips throughout the day, giving my lips a pink hue that looks natural and not forced.  it's perfection in a little solid make-up stick.

now, be forewarned, applying it as a blush/highlighter takes fineness and practice.  if you apply haphazardly, you will instantly look like a clown.  if you have a heavy hand with make-up.. carefully dabbing the stick along your cheeks will be enough until you are able to control yourself with the swiping motion.  and blending with fingertips is CLUTCH!  

this little thing makes me not even a little bit ashamed of my laziness.  it makes me proud.