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Going green? ...trying!

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

the month of april is earth month, or "go-green" month, or reduce your carbon footprint month..or whatever you want to call it.  april is the month where all of our magazines focus on ways to be more environmentally friendly, and remind us that we only have this one planet to live on, and we have to do our best to keep her healthy and happy.  every april, i think about the things i do to be green, and the things i should be doing.  this year is no different!!

things i DO to be green:
1.  mta junkie:  i live in manhattan, specifically downtown manhattan, and i have no car!  yay for me!!  gone are the days of my gas guzzling jeep...i am now a devotee of the public trans system.  i take the subway to get uptown and then back downtown, and i take a shuttle van service (my company's version of public trans) to and from work, and let me tell you...i walk my booty off!!!  i only hop in a cab if: i'm looking at a 30+ block trip and the appropriate subways aren't running due to repairs, or it's 3:15 a.m. and i'd like to continue living my life and not end up dead in the stairwell of the Houston St. 1 Station.  but other than those specific times.. either my legs or my mta card gets a workout when it's time to leave SoHo, the W.Village, or Tribeca!
2.  reuse:  i admit it, i often forget my reusable bags when i go to the grocery store.  the grocery store is so often a trip of "hmm..i should stop at the gourmet garage and get some snacks."  rarely do i plan those trips out.  and in turn, i am often left with a lot of plastic bags.  instead of just throwing them away.. i use them as garbage bags.  now, i know..they still eventually end up in the garbage trucks, but it's better than putting them inside another plastic garbage bag and throwing that away.  ...i try here, people. i try.
3.  eco chic:  my hair salon is eco-friendly, powered 100% by wind, and they use sustainable products.  and can i just express how amazingly refreshing it is to walk in there?  all the skylights with the natural sunlight filtering in, the light bamboo wood of the chairs and floors... it's so light and airy, i immediately feel more beautiful.  and they use Davines products... and you should too.  check it out, all of their products smell great and work like a charm!
4.  let there be light:  i do my best to turn every light off that i'm not using, i unplug all of my appliances until i'm using them, and i use those weird, yet effective, light bulbs that last longer and use less energy.  and i don't use my AC unless it's 100 degrees and unbearable!  you'll never find me complaining about hot hot heat outside.   i'm a big believer in an open window and a good, small but powerful fan.  i think living in the sweltering heat of delta gamma conditioned me.  either way... my carbon footprint is lower...and so is my electric bill.  everyone wins.

things i SHOULD be doing to be more green...
1.  remember those damn reusable bags.  end of story.
2.  getting dirty..and clean:  use more eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  like seventh generation.
3.  rare and bloody:  eat less red meat.  now..i'm not saying that i'm hoovering an 8 oz. filet on a daily basis, or even a weekly basis.. but i admit i indulge occasionally.  and while it IS a great source of iron, especially for a girl who doesn't always win with the anemia game.. i know, as does everyone who's read "Skinny Bitch," that the delicious hunk of almost rare meat that sits on my plate probably didn't get to me in the most humane and eco-friendly way.  it's a temptation i have to learn to avoid.
4.  shower power:  i don't take baths anymore...except for the occasional indulgence, which IS green..but i do stand in the shower and bask in the glory of the uber-hot water way more than i should.  i need to be more conscious of how much water i'm wasting by just standing there, letting the water warm me up, and instead..turn the water off, get out, and put warm clothes on.  less water consumption = good.
5.  recycle:  i'm a magazine whore.  i openly admit it.  i subscribe to a lot of them, get a million catalogs in the mail, and i love it.  i am an avid collector of my issues of Vogue and Bazaar, but i have to say that Marie Claire, Women's Health, and Runner's World usually end up getting thrown away eventually.  I should recycle all that paper.  i'll work on it. i promsie.  really.

okay, have a great Sunday!!!  the sun is shining here in nyc, and i'm off to brunch with my girls in a few hours...hopefully followed by an afternoon of delightful reading by the river.  i just can't resist.