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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

destroy everything you touch.

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

a few things i love (and love about my life) in manhattan
-vegan chocolate chip cookies from birdbath bakery. yum.
-sitting in jackson square park in the morning, sipping my dark chocolate mocha latte on the benches and enjoying the beautiful fountain.
-outdoor seating at sant ambroeus, and their crostino milanese. and their espresso and hot chocolate, served in real teacups.  real italians dont drink espresso out of paper cups, thank you.
-bendels, bergdorfs, barneys...oh my.
-late night dinners at Omen.
-cupcakes from billy's bakery.
-the seasonal cocktail list at the mercer.  best in the city.
-walking through the west village in the morning.  it's perfection.
-baked alaskan at the standard grill.  BY FAR my favorite dessert in the city.
-bottle service at the soho grand.
-yoga in the highline room.  tree pose while the sun sets over the hudson river infront of me...yes, please!
-vintage dress shops like geminola and their one-of-a-kind creations that beautify my closet.
-walking EVERYWHERE.
-the macaroons from kee's bakery. i know they're not the "best" french mac's in the city but they're my fav.
-street vendors and all of their beautiful, unique jewelry.
-the thanksgiving turkey sandwich from olives.
-extravagant dinner dates at crazy, Michelin star-ed restaurants with my bests.
-rooftop parties, loft parties, and silly tabletop dancing that rage until 5 a.m. and it's totally okay.
-bethesda fountain.
-walking down the hudson river, the statue of liberty ahead of me.
-the breadbasket at bergdorf's restaurant.
-the view coming around the southern tip of the FDR at night when we're out cruising.
-the caramel hot chocolate from jacques torres.
-yoga at lululemon on sunday mornings :)