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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

baby, where'd you get your body from?

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

everyone who knows me knows i'm a total workout addict.  i like the feeling of finishing a workout, being sweaty, being exhausted, and feeling accomplished.i've done extensive stints of running, yoga, pilates, cardio machines at the gym, the tracy anderson method, power walking, kick boxing, dance cardio...let's be honest, i've done it all.

since moving to new york, i have kicked my game up.  when i moved here, i was normal looking and in my 12 months here, i've sweat myself down to a small size 4, sometimes size 2.  seriously, that's what this city does to you!  honestly, who has time to eat a sit down meal?  ...especially when that sample size dress is sitting at home, daring you to eat that full plate of pasta and then have the pipe dreams of wearing it!

my latest venture is going to Equinox gym in Soho.  or...hello...Chic-quinox!!!!  As if living in Soho isn't humbling enough... now i've begun subjecting myself to the most chic, insanely glamorous gym south of 14th street?  surely something is wrong with me.  but nonetheless...i don my fiercest lululemon and go pretend i'm svelte and sleek like the models and actresses that take 30/60/90 class next to me.  goodbye size 4.  hello size 2.  new york, i love you.