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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

this has gotta be the good life.

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my solo move out to manhattan!  i can't believe how quickly it's gone!!!  i remember when i first excited, so full of uncertainty, so nervous and unsure about what my adult life was going to be like.  i grew so much in college, i felt like i'd gone from girl to woman, but this past year has shown me that in college i went from little girl to big girl, and new york has taken me from big girl to young woman.

i've learned so much in the past year... how to be alone.  how to be with someone.  how to say no.  what it means to be happy.  how to take care of myself, inside and outside. that i am stronger than i think, and i continue to surprise myself with just how strong i am.  how to let someone else in.  what it is to let go of negativity.  how important it is to take time to myself.  that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, as long as i'm doing what makes me feel strong, confident, and blissfully happy.  how to let go of friends and accept that they don't care as much as i do.  how to navigate the subway system like a pro.  that i love and appreciate and miss my family, but wouldn't move back for anything. how to love someone and let someone love me. how to speak up, stand up, jump up if i have to...and take control of my life and situation.  how to accept myself.  how to be myself.

and most importantly...i've learned that no matter what happens, this is enjoy every second because what "it"'s delicate and temporary.  i'm so lucky and blessed to have the life i have.  and the best is yet to come!