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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

we can do the rest of the interview naked.

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

fashion is my religion, and i pray at the altar of tom ford.

tom ford is my very own personal jesus.  fashion jesus, that is.  at tender age of 15, his 2002 fall/winter gucci collection opened my eyes to fashion, making me a faithful ford disciple. tom's straight-forward attitude towards the sexualization of women awoke something in me. he literally brought sex to fashion, and made it chic. he made the gucci and ysl women strong ones...women who made no apologies for being openly sexy and openly sexual.  and that theme resonated through his collections, and still does in his accessories and beauty ventures.  everything he does oozes sexuality, sensuality, and luxury.  even his new lipsticks are like sliding cashmere on my lips. he's perfection, and it doesn't hurt that he's truly one of the sexiest men alive.  no one makes a white button down shirt work like tom for does.

he's a perfectionist, but everything he does puts off an air of effortless elegance.  a minimalist bedroom, a black lacquer perfume bottle, a heavy, ivory lipstick tube, a silk dress held together by a loosely tied silk ribbon, a runway covered in white rose petals that stack up the stilettos as the girls walk, a film with no sex that somehow manages to be flawlessly sexy and romantic.....

i could go on for hours.  clearly, i'm a believer.