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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file: the basics

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

the closet in my tiny little soho apartment is shockingly full.  i'd literally be shocked how much i jam in there. you say clothes whore, i say clothes horse.  it's splitting hairs, really.  however, isn't it amazing how no matter how many bags full of clothes you bring home, you somehow default to the same basics every week when getting dressed?  i have a few favs that seem to be the foundation of every outfit i wear.

the row black bamboo tank.  i LIVE in this tank top.  the back neckline mirrors the front, giving a sexy peak down your back, and the silky but structured bamboo cotton is luxurious, yet casual.  it can go from day to night with ease, and works with jeans, dress pants, shorts, skirts, leggings...everything.  

the row classic modal white t-shirt.  okay, clearly i have a thing for the row.  but seriously, this is the best white t shirt on the market.  the neckline is perfectly, artfully stretched and worn upon purchase, the back seam is ultra flattering, and a white t-shirt never goes out of style.  sure, the modal cotton is a little thin and a little sheer, but it's sexy and demure at the same time.  a great investment.

christian louboutin black patent pumps.  they cost a fortune but let me put this on record... they. are. worth. every. penny.  there is something about slipping a pair of christian louboutin stilettos on that instantly boosts confidence and makes a girl strut.  the sexy red sole, the perfectly crafted arch, the flawless execution of insanely high heels that somehow avoid looking garish.. it's genius.  my loubs teeter on 5 inches, and they have gotten me through huge, career-altering presentations at the office...and through champagne campaigns with my friends.  talk about versatility!  

black jcrew minnie pant.  classic slim-fitting, cropped, bi-stretch twill pants that go with absolutely everything. i wear these to death, and i hope jcrew never stops making them.  they never seem to lose their shape, they're insanely comfortable, and super easy to dress up or down.  they are my go-to pant.

alexander wang baggy combo tee.  modal cotton tshirt with a silk back.  it's cool, it's effortless, it's flattering.  that's all i need.  all day, every day.  plus, i have a major designer crush on alexander wang.  he does no wrong.

banana republic camel colored leather jacket.  when the weather cools off, you will not see me without this jacket either on or in tow, incase i get cold.  it adds edge to any outfit and the leather is super soft.  i die over this jacket.

special edition TOMS w/ skulls.  i live in manhattan, i walk everywhere..comfy shoes are clutch.  these toms from neiman marcus/bergdorfs have a little extra arch support and little embroidered skulls...hence i love them and live in them.  if they're not on my feet, they're probably in my purse incase i have to embark on a long walk.

sophomore twist tank.  love the color, love the fit.  LOVE the entire line of stuff, but this one takes the cake.  i have a thing for back detail, and i particularly love the criss cross twist of this one. it looks cute with skirts, shorts, jeans, etc.  it's a major love affair ;)

there is just something comforting about the basics.  maybe it's knowing that they seem to always look good, or maybe it's that they always smell right, or maybe it's just that they're so worn and so comfortable...they feel like you're not dressed up.  whatever it is..i'm glad i have mine in my closet!!