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the art of getting dressed.

a year in review: favorite looks of 2010 - beauty

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

can you believe that 2010 is almost over? the year has flown by!  it's been an amazing year in many ways, and here are a few of my favorite looks/trends/non-trends/ideas of 2010.

up first...the beauty department!

the red lip was everything to me this year.  strong, powerful, bold, and feminine all at the same time, i wore a strong red lip out to run errands, to huge meetings, and out to dinner.  it was by far one of the most defining features of my ever-evolving style in 2010.

a strong eyebrow is so major!  most women either totally ignore their eyebrows, save for the bi-weekly plucking or waxing maintenance, or they totally over-do it and pluck way too much and almost have no eyebrows at all.  i'm all about a well-manicured, strong brow.  anastasia's brow gel accentuates them even more, giving the face a strong, well-defined, and super chic look.  

i also played around with the cat eye and electric eyeshadow/eyeliner this year.  obviously, not to the extent that Dior did it for their couture show, but i love the retro look of the cat eye eyeliner..and electric and neon eyeliner is the best, most unexpected way to spice up a dull face of humdrum makeup!  i personally am partial to purple, but i love the way bright blue, green, and gold eye makeup looks on girls!  it shows confidence, boldness, and totally completes pretty much every look.  not to makes everyone look at your eyes...and they're totally the window to your soul. obvi ;-)

last but not least, i discovered ponds cold cream this year.  i know, i know, i'm about 548 years late to this party, but nevertheless, i started using it this year to wash my face, and i can honestly say i've never been happier with a skin cleanser!  ponds is super gentle, removes all my makeup with ease, requires no water, smells good, is friendly on the wallet, eliminates the need for the washing and moisturizing steps, and leaves my skin clean, moisturized, and a little bit glowing!  i was skeptical at first, but now i'm a massive devotee! 

up favorite...the most hair moments of 2010!