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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

a year in review: favorite looks of 2010 - hair

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

continuing on with my favorite and most majors moments of style in 2010, tonight it's all about what's on top of your head!

bangs were (and continue to be) a major moment for me this year!  im fairly certain that the last time i sported bangs, i was wearing a culotte jumper by oshkosh bigosh and didn't really have creative control over my look.  since i've been growing my hair out, Rapunzel style, i needed something to freshen up my look, and my hairstylist (whom, i must beyond) suggested i try bangs.  he started me out with training wheels...a slightly shorter version of the "bang swoop" and then the next time i was in for a trim, he took me all the way and i couldn't be happier!  i think bangs just add a little smattering of chic to long, flowing hair, give it a little bit of a retro, 70's-esque feel (and we all know how huge the 70's are for spring!), and i can't get over how much i love the look when i put my hair up!  they're a lot of maintenance, but if you're willing to work with them, i highly suggest getting banged.

up until this year, i've honestly never had a major updo before, but i ventured into the unknown with no reservations!  i was always the gal in high school who wore her hair down and flowy for prom (i just couldn't stomach the bad updos with terrible ringlets), so honestly, a teased ponytail was about as fancy as i've gotten.  i had a few snazzy parties to attend this year, and i went for it!  again, my talented and amazing stylist transformed my hair into a work of art on several occasions, and i'm a believer.  i started doing chignons for work, huge ballerina buns for major meetings, and letting said stylist get crazier and crazier with my updos!  major hair makes a MAJOR statement and i'm all about it!  i loved the dior couture show this past totally embodies everything i love.  beautiful clothes, loud, dramatic makeup, and serious hair.  i've taken the stance that hair should always be major.  why look normal?  i prefer to make an entrance! 

i know that braids seem a bit elementary, but if done properly, this year they seemed fresh and chic!  whether it was a messy side braid, a fish-tail, or a braided accent piece in a ponytail or updo, braids were everything and more this year.  they add a youthfulness to any look, and seem to inject an air of chic carelessness to any look, even if you're wearing the most elaborate and uptight ensemble.  i love the messiness of them, and they seem to get better as they get messier when the night wears on. 

and last but not least, full, glamorous, asymmetric waves are a look i will never tire of.  there is just something so insanely glam and beautiful about smooth waves with tons of body and bounce.  and even more glamorous is when you neatly pull one side of your hair back, only to let everything else flow freely and beautifully.  the entire look invokes pure and unadulterated chicness, and looks good with jeans or a floor length gown.  it's the kind of style that you literally cannot go wrong with, and it was my go-to look all year.  the best part is that a blow-out like that easily lasts 3-4 days, which means multiple days of gorgeousness.  beauty, versatility, and staying power... it doesn't get much better!

up tomorrow... accessories!