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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

a year in review: favorite looks of 2010 - accessories

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

up next...the little bits and baubles that make the look!  accessories!  the thing i love about good accessories is their ability to take a somewhat minimalistic outfit, or even just jeans and a tshirt, and transform it into a look. whether it's shoes, a scarf, a necklace, sunglasses, or a hat, accessories can totally make or a break a look.  however, proceed with caution...too many and you suddenly look like a hot mess instead of a fashion maven.
so...without further ado...

 without a doubt, my go-to jewelry designer this year was Pamela Love!  girl makes some sick jewelry (and many people agree...she was a vogue/cfda fashion fund finalist in 2010!)!  i was lucky enough to score several of her pieces this year, and honestly, i never take them off.  they are equal parts classic, edgy, cool, and unique (all at the same time!) and her little works of art are the absolute last word in downtown chic for both gals and gents. all of her pieces complete the "downtown uniform" (alex wang, combat boots, etc) and they edge up girly ensembles of frilly dresses and skirts, which are also occasionally favored by the downtown set.  i can't wait to invest in more of her stuff in 2011, and continue to wear it to death.  and continue to happily tell everyone who raves over it.. "it's pamela love's work. she's MAJOR."

on a recent holiday shopping trip to bergdorfs, i passed the shoe department and those studded louboutins were right there, perched artfully on a table, calling out to me....take me home, take me home...i belong in your closet! it's not the first time a shoe has called out to me like that (that's normal, right?), which is probably why this year, my closet slowly started to overflow with major heels.  there is nothing like a great pair of 5 inch heels to really take your ensemble to the next level.  all versions of sky-high heels need apply: booties, sandals, stilettos, platforms, wedges, open-toe, round toe, peep toe, mary janes, booties... i'm an equal-opportunity shoe addict, really.  and all labels too..i may be a louboutin whore, but i love miu miu, brian atwood, dior, ysl, alejandro ingelmo, and even jcrew!  shoes just are everything... they make your legs look endless and sexy, they make you strut (given you're well versed in walking/running in 5+ inch's an art form), and a great pair of shoes is honestly a fantastic conversation starter!  people always ask me "how do you walk in those heels?!" and i'm could i not?  i mean, the level of sexy that my louboutins take me to... totally worth a little (very minor) foot discomfort.  and no...i didn't buy those studded loubs, but i'm seriously saving up.  seriously. i really need them.

i've always thought a quick and inexpensive way to enhance your look is through a good manicure with a chic nail color, and this year i really enjoyed chanel's limited edition nail lacquer sets!  not only does chanel nail polish stay on like cement, but the colors are always ultra chic, interesting, and eye catching!  my personal favorites this year were the steel and strong combo, but i also have a special place in my heart for the khaki collection, and for that snazzy jade green color.  the jade color was so major and honestly, i've never gotten so many compliments on a manicure.  these always sell out fast, so it's best to snatch them up ASAP!  i must admit though...i only live 4 blocks from the new chanel boutique in i'm totally spoiled in my ability to grab these the second they go on sale ;)

last but by no means least, the iPad. i got my iPad for my birthday and it's been one of my favorite accessories since. i love to iPad on the subway, at the airport, in bed, and even while on the elliptical (thanks for the free wifi for members, equinox!).  it is just. so. chic.  i just can't get over how much love it.  my most major iPad moment was on the day of the fairly elaborate dinner party i planned at the SoHo House; i showed up to see how the room looked and place seating cards...and pulled my iPad out, pulled my seating chart up on it (which took forever to make.  seating charts are so seems like it'd be easy to just seat people at any table and get on with it..but honestly, it's so strategic.  all about balancing personalities..anyways..), and proceeded to strut around the room with it, placing my seating cards.  even the event manager of the SoHo House told me how chic it was.  iPads are a GREAT addition to any handbag.

well..that's accessories!  up next...the grand finale... the best and most amazing clothes and styles of 2010!