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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

red blooded woman

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

i'm watching 'angels and demons' with my dog right now (terrible movie, fyi) but i'm really feeling the cardinals and their fierce red get-ups!

now, before anyone gets all anti on me, let me clarify here... i'm catholic and i really love the rituals and drama of catholicism.  the choirs, the music, the history and beauty of st. peter's and of the vatican city... st. peter's basilica is the kind of beauty that it's almost impossible to believe that a human created and built it.  but admit it...the papal and cardinal robes are FIERCE.  i love the RED!  it's inspiring me to have a red moment!

dior couture, spring 11.  that skirt is a level of red drama that takes drama to the next level.  red must be worn with attitude and that skirt is alllll attitude.  and even john galliano is having a red moment.  he's very matador-chic.

elie saab, couture, spring 11 - a red dress for the red carpet?  honestly, no one does red carpet couture like elie saab does. 

valentino, pre-fall 11 - valentino red is the kind of thing fashion legends are made of.  this girly, chiffon dream is everything and more, although i must say that ever since the departure of mr. valentino himself from the line, the reds just aren't the same.  still beautiful but they just don't pack the same punch anymore.

last but not least, alexander mcqueen, pre-fall 11 - now...THAT is a coat!!!  a russian red coat at it's finest, i'd say.  oversized, over-dramatic, and overly chic. 

p.s. if red is too much for you to wear, try a red lip or glossy red nails.  same dramatic effect but not as loud!