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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

award season 2011: the oscars!!

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

another awards show, another four hours of my life that i'll never get back.  the oscars last night presented very few surprises...Natalie won, Colin Firth won (loved his shout-out to Tom Ford!), Trent Reznor won (well deserved, seriously). i was overly disappointed that Juilanne Moore and Tilda Swinton weren't there though...i was really hoping to see that killer Tom Ford dress on JM.

the red carpet was, overall, a washout.  tons of nudes, lots of glitter and tulle, and lots of safe looks....and a few trainwrecks!  without further ado..i give you the best and worst of the Oscars, 2011!

1. Cate Blanchett (Givenchy Haute Couture): obviously, Cate blew me away last night in this stunning Givenchy Haute Couture gown.  this dress surpasses fashion, this dress is art.  i know this dress will garner it's share of criticism, but that's only because it's so fashion, it's hard for someone like Joan Rivers to wrap her head around it (love you Joan, but you always like the safe dresses!).  Cate looks insanely chic with her bob and simple make-up, letting the dress be the star, but she doesn't let the dress wear her, which is quite a feat! when Riccardo Tisci presented this couture collection a few weeks ago, i wasn't floored...

but as i've seen this collection on real women (Florence Welch at the Grammy's and now Cate), it's incredibly stunning and doesn't seem quite so alien.  Cate was an all around hit last night, and put every woman who went "safe" to shame.  

2. Gwyneth Paltrow (Calvin Klein Collection): GP can do no wrong!  this stunning floor length shrine to minimalism from Fransisco Costa is a dream on her, and the Louis Vuitton brooch at her hip adds just the right touch of color and is the perfect accessory.  this dress is a custom creation, although the shape and color are both similiar to something Costa showed us for pre-fall and fall 2011.  Paltrow slinked down the red carpet like a silver waterfall in this, and to top it all off (literally), she went with stick straight hair, a warm tan, and simple, fresh make-up.  the hair in particular is spot on, as i'm a firm believer that Calvin Klein and curling irons don't belong together.  super chic, very bold, and another reason why i love/hate GP!  i'll never be as thin, chic, or strong as GP (she's always doing some kind of extreme cleanse or elimination diet that i'll never have the willpower for!), but i'll always strive to be!

3. Michelle Williams (Chanel Haute Couture): talk about sweet redemption from the Golden Globes!  my goodness, Michelle was a vision in creamy white when she ascended the red carpet last night.  Michelle is one of the very few women who can pull off a short sleeve gown and still look chic and gamine. this dress photographs well but doesn't do justice to how insane it is in person..the level of hand-beading on this gown is Karl Lagerfeld and the Chanel Couture team at their finest.  Michelle styled the look perfectly with just a ring and simple earrings (Harry Winston), her pixie cut (which i dream of being able to pull off...keep dreaming), and big doe eyes.  she looked sleek and understated, but in all the right ways.  and her body? amazing. this dress was tailored to her within an inch of its life and that body did it justice!

4. Florence Welch (Valentino Haute Couture): Florence Welch is quickly becoming one of my red carpet favorites.  she tends to take risks and wear really tough-to-wear couture looks, but she manages to pull them off!  at the Grammy's, she wore a stunning Givenchy Couture swan gown (having her Bjork moment!), and last night, she looked beautiful and quirky in this lace and tiered skirt Valentino piece.  the color works so well with her skin and hair, and she's just oozing confidence and gorgeousness.  in a sea of boring glittery/tulle-covered frocks, she stood out and looked very ethereal, which matches perfectly with her personality and voice.  a modern day Janis Joplin with an eye for fierce couture.  

5. Hailee Steinfeld (Marchesa): Hailee Steinfeld was too perfect in this custom Marchesa dress.  The 14-year-old actress actually drew her dream dress herself, and then Marchesa made it happen for her.  she looks so adorable, so age-appropriate, and so elegant and poised in this dress.  the tea length is perfect on her, the color is so sweet, and the detail work and fit makes her look like a princess. i only wish she would have done without the headband...but she's 14 so i'll let it slide. and not to mention...she interviews so well. she comes off so down to earth and poised.  i love her. (and p.s. girl is working some HEELS for being 14 years old!  good for her!)

Most Unexpectedly Chic: Marky Mark's wife in Naeem Khan.  she look so amazing and fierce, right?!  and when they were interviewed, Mark Wahlberg was all about making sure everyone got a good look at her dress. he was proud to be with her. love that!  she looks gorgeous!

Best Dressed Man: Jesse Eisenberg looked amazing in his Band of Outsiders tux, and i love that he wore Band of Outsiders!  love the NY fashion scene love. and omg he's just too cute, and i absolutely loved him in The Social Network and i think he should have won the Oscar.  i know Colin Firth is amazing and he looked very dashing in his Tom Ford tux, but i was team Eisenberg!

Best Serial Killer Chic: Christian Bale...err...Patrick Bateman in Gucci. he always does black on black and always looks amazing and i love his beard and he sounds like a guy who would be my chimmney sweep and i don't care, i love him.  he doesn't dress crazy, but he always LOOKS crazy, right?  LOVE.

Most Random, but CHIC, Appearance: Sharon Stone in Dior.  She looked so fierce!  why was she there?  who knows?

Best use of Ostrich: Hilary Swank in Gucci.  WOWWWWW.  not what i expected out of Gucci!  stunning.

Honorable mentions: Amy Adams (L'wren Scott), Mila Kunis (Elie Saab Haute Couture), Natalie Portman (Rodarte), Oprah (Zac Posen), Celine Dion (Armani Prive), Helen Mirren (Vivienne Westwood), Mandy Moore (Monique Lhuillier)

Worst Dressed...after the jump...CLICK ON!


1. Reese Witherspoon (Armani Prive): girl, you look a fool with that hair.  this isn't a Tennessee beauty pageant and you aren't 12 years old...nor are you a Barbie. the dress is nothing isn't terrible, but paired with that hair piece put into an atrocious high pony, she looks ridiculous.  Reese is usually so chic and spot-on, i was so disappointed.  she looks completely age-inappropriate and seriously like a southern belle pageant barbie.  

2. Nicole Kidman  (Dior Haute Couture): sunbursts, white, weird origami folding...yikes!  and i'm all for wearing a bold shoe but with the amount of beading and detail going on in that dress, the shoes shouldn't have been screaming out loud...that dress was screaming enough.  Nicole is so tall and elegant and gorgeous and she has the body to wear absolutely anything...and she chose this? ugh.  so disappointed.  this looks like a bad Marchesa prom-dress imitation.  there, i said it.

3. Marissa Tomei (vintage Charles James): I don't know where they dug this dress up from, but i don't care if it's vintage anybody..i don't care if it's vintage Mary Magdaline from the birth of Christ... this thing is a disaster.  it's like two separate dresses!  up top it's kind of Dolce & Gabbana-esque with a weird bust line and bad straps, and at the bottom it's just a tulle explosion and not in a good way.  it's a great color and shows off her tiny little waist but it's so wrong in so many ways.

4. Jennifer Lawrence (Calvin Klein Collection): didn't Pamela Anderson wear this in Baywatch?  no seriously, i think the top half of this dress used to be a Baywatch bathing suit.  i LOVE Calvin Klein, but this dress is all wrong for her body.  she looks so unsupported up top, it's scary to look at.  the rest of her body looks great and the dress is very flattering but she's too busty to pull this off and look chic.  she almost borders on slutty.  it's a shame, she's such a pretty girl and she's very talented, but this dress didn't work for her.

5. Anne Hathaway (Givenchy Haute Couture):  this is not the Givenchy couture that was shown during couture fashion week, and i think for good reason.  Anne looked uncomfortable and stiff in this gown, and kept holding the bodice awkwardly, like it would fall off.  the dress itself is pretty but seems a bit overworked, and was easily the worst look for Anne all night.  bummer, as it's what she spent the most time in.

most disappointing: Helena Bonham Carter...i expected more crazy from you, girl.  but she's all about the Oscars being about the craft, not fashion..and i guess i can respect that (sorta).

cast i was happiest wasn't there: Glee. they cannot pull red carpet looks together, no matter how talented they are.

and that's a wrap for the Oscars 2011!!  who was your favorite?
I'll be further dissecting Anne's hosting looks in my next she wore some MAJOR clothes!  stay tuned...

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