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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

Jeremy Laing - FW 2011

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

the look at Jeremy Laing this season was very urban, very 90's, kind of lunar(? i kept getting a moon-rock vibe from some of the pieces?) and in true Jeremy Laing style... full of beautiful draping and textures.  the make-up was strong with a neutral face, very deep violet lips, and metallic eyeshadow.  the hair was creased and twisted, let to dry, pulled apart into long messy waves, and then grunged and greased up a bit with a little product.

p.s. dying over the copper jewelry.  LOVE. must have that cuff!

again with the jewelry... the copper breast plate? yes.

once it was presentation time, the models filed out into the beautiful sunny room on the west side of the city and we were all treated an up-close view of Laing's beautiful detail work.  the color palette is definitely dark and neutral, but the mixture of textures and patterns made up for any lack of bright color.

love the shape of this cocoon-ish coat. beautiful. if i had to pick one piece from this collection to own, it'd be this coat.

the girl on the left was giving the best attitude. i was totally drawn to her and her look.

the tailoring on the loose-fitting trousers and blazers was as impressive as it was on the body skimming maxi-dresses, a true testament to Laing's talent.
oversized top with beautiful flowy, gauzy trousers...totally getting a moon-rock vibe from the pattern on the top..

i'm loving this pattern on these dresses.. do you see what i mean by lunar? it just makes me want to put this dress on and go into space and float around.  how amazing would those pictures be?  and up above to the right here, the draping on that dress is literally out of this world.  stunning.

again, loved this girl and her attitude/outfit.  the wide-legged trousers are really well done and paired beautifully with the fitted, shrunken top (i hate when designers try to do big top/big bottoms. proportion, people. proportion).  the girl was just killing it for me.  she was the show for me. 

more lunar-chic. i love this look. really well constructed, easy layering and again with the insane draping.  it's gorgeous.
i always love the shoes Laing chooses for his collections.  always kind of chunky heels that add an instant cool factor to the looks.  i particularly loved the open-toed pair here, and kind of want them immediately.

i think it's another hit for Jeremy Laing!
did i mention how much i love the copper jewelry?  because i really do....
or that great cocoon coat? because i really do....

all photos - property of stilettos on sullivan