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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

Kimberly Ovitz - FW 2011

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

as previously reported, on saturday morning/afternoon i was knee deep in mousse backstage at Mandy Coon when i looked at my watch and realized that if i didn't leave soon, i was going to miss the Kimberly Ovitz show, and that wasn't a show i was willing to miss!  gathered my things, jumped on the 1 train, jumped off the 1 train when i realized i could run faster than the MTA was moving that day, and full-on, 100% sprinted 12 city blocks to make it down to the Pace Gallery where Ovitz was showing.  i burst into the door, breathlessly told the gals at the door that i was expected backstage, and hustled back there.  i was in luck, as the girls were a few minutes away from heading out for the presentation, but i got the up-close look i was hoping for!

the hair, done by Marco Santini, was simple, yet made a statement.  hair was blown out haphazardly and given texture with hairspray, and then made asymmetric with a strong side part and a heavy bang over the right eye...and then the look was intensified by netting that was placed over each model's head and then furthered hairsprayed into place (Santini's hands were covered in dried hairspray!), adding extra punch to the strong look.  make-up, done by Maud Laceppe for Benefit, was all about the smeared neon green/yellow lip, which, paired with the hair and sporty, tech-chic clothes, really made a statement.

(she was confused about where to stand...)
make-up brushes covered in neoonnnn. (i love neon. i'm coveting a pair of neon flats for spring)

great coat, right?  amazing draping, AND this model was such a nice girl.  i snapped this picture of her and she asked to see it, as she hadn't seen herself in a mirror, and when i showed her, she smiled and said "oh!  i look FIERCE!"  i loved that moment...and yes, fierce indeed, young lady!

the collection itself was actually, i thought, incredibly beautiful, well-tailored, and cohesive, give or take a look or so.  Ovitz said her inspiration for the collection was "dark, layered, sinuous with a futuristic twist," where she explored technical fabrics, bold colors, and the "clean lines of the performance world."

the collection definitely explored the use of neon, which i love, and did give me visions of super glamorous women playing badminton or something at Equinox in the year 2050.  the clothes were very sporty, moved with a lot of give and take, like any athlete (a really chic athlete) would want, yet kept clean lines with simplicity.  

i particularly had a thing for the tri-colored t-shirt dress to the left, which is so wearable, it's genius.  it's interesting, well detailed, well cut, yet so completely easy and's the kind of piece i wouldn't mind spending a bit of money on because i could wear it with heels to go out, or wear it with flats to go grocery shopping or out for a casual dinner.  it was THE piece of the collection for me.

the collection also contained pops of very rich, bright blues, bright whites, and stormy greys in the form of knitwear, a tank/pant combo, and a maxi skirt, as well as a genius white long-sleeved mini-dress with one exposed shoulder and a twist of fabric across the hip, adding to the technical sports chic and asymmetric threads that ran through the collection.

i really liked the shoes, which i was delighted to discover were actually painted not long before the presentation, and before they walked out, the models were instructed not to let their feet touch while standing, as it would smudge the shoes.  from our vantage point while viewing the collection, we had to giggle as we saw small smudges of paint on the floors where the girls were standing.  i love the last minute, manic details of fashion shows!

all in all, a strong collection and presentation that was well attended, garnering drop-bys from Linda Fargo and Prabal Garung.  Ms Ovitz has every reason to be sleeping well this week!

all photographs are property of Stilettos on Sullivan