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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

Mandy Coon FW 2011 - backstage beauty

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

for fall 2011, mandy coon showed tough girl-chic with strong, clean silhouettes, leather, pinks, a really chic alpaca-esque fur, and of course..mandy's signature flirty hemlines, and the hair was tailored to reflect not only a strong woman, but mandy herself!

i was lucky enough to tag along backstage with the hair team, initially only to document the process, but was then thrown into the trenches once we realized the ambitious amount of work we had ahead of us.  i have zero hair styling experience, but did my best to assist Pasquale Ferrante and his wonderful team of talented stylists to create this faux-bob with colored hair-pieces that Pasquale told me the day before the show were "kind of 80's, sort of new wave, and a little risky."

Pasquale, demonstrating his vision to the team

to achieve the faux-bob, the girls' hair was wrapped tighly around their head using lots and lots of mousse (i was covered in mousse by the time i sprinted out of there!) and pins, leaving the crown piece out, which was later pulled down flat against the back of the head, pinned to the nape of the neck, and then folded back up to the top (all in order to avoid looking like a cone-head).  The various-colored hair pieces were then pinned in by Ferrante, which hung over the right eye...
and the resulting look was punk-chic, 100% Pasquale (he loves to push boundaries and be crazy-creative, he IS a total genius... i love when he does my hair, it's always next level), and 100% Mandy Coon!

once the girls got dressed, the hours of hard-work backstage were well in the rear-view mirror.  the look was super strong, edgy, and yet still very feminine, and garnered rave-reviews!

backstage photos: property of stilettos on sullivan.
runway photos: credit