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the art of getting dressed.

Marc Jacobs FW 2011

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it seems as is Marc Jacobs is always ahead of the curve, and always in the biggest way possible.  last season he brought the 70's back so strongly that designers were still feeling for said era when sketching for fall 2011.  so while most New York designers were still showing wide-legged pants and 70's-inspired cuts this past week, Marc Jacobs was preparing to blow us all away with what's coming next.  and what's coming next is sexy, severe, and fierce as hell.

the set was white and clinical, almost resembling a padded cell, with a mirrored runway and pillars in the middle.  as the lights dimmed, marilyn manson's "The Beautiful People" began pounding from the speakers (bravo to the sound engineering team...the acoustics were flawless, even in the Lexington Ave Armory), and models began marching out at a furious pace in very strict, Dior New Look-esque pencil skirts, wedge heel boots, polka dots galore, latex, lace, and little pillbox hats with chinstraps done by milliner Stephen Jones.  i literally almost had a heart attack in my seat, it's that good.

the dress and shirt may look like sequins, but it's actually latex dots sewn together. yes, you read that right. latex.

polka dots done right.  those chocolate brown gloves..holy chic.. all mine.

hello Dior New Look, so jazzed to see you making a comeback!

chicistan. dot. com.  literally.


this is how you work a ponytail.  high and tight with 22 inches of extensions.  Guido Palau and team put 22 inches of human hair extensions on each girl for the perfect pony and these ladies were killing it on the runway.  talk about hair flips...

stunning lace and the MJ version of evening wear.  the red lace dress is to die for...that hemline may be tough to wear but i'm willing to hit the gym more often and eat more salads in order to pull it off, and i'm willing to bet there are hoards of women who would do the same.

the show cost a reported $1MM+ to put on, but it was worth every penny.  the glamor, the drama, the's what Marc is about.  every season his shows set the tone, and i'd guess that during September fashion week, we'll see the strict and severe trend emerge from New York's finest ateliers for Spring 2012.  

below is the full-length video of the show.  i highly suggest checking it out to get the full effect, and once again...please note that not a single sequin was used...that's all latex, baby.  my personal fav... around the 4:10 mark...ponytails swinging in unison down the runway.  perfection.

photo credit