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The Row - FW 2011

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

The Row showed privately during NYFW to editors, buyers, and retailers, but lucky for us lowly bloggers, photos of the collection were released to and oh, what a treat of beautiful crazy it is.

The Row has always been known for super chic minimalism - a line born from the perfect white t-shirt and pair of leather leggings, but i'd put this particular showing into two categories: 1. classic, beautiful The Row minimalism with sharp, clean lines and 2. the kind of clothes that the Olsens have in their closets...the kind of clothes that made them into the crazy, eccentric style icons they are today.

we'll start with category 1...

those crazy/genius scrunched tube socks aside, this is classic The Row.  perfect tailoring, belted waist, ultra chic, and perfectly proportioned (long hem, short sleeves...or short hem, long sleeves.  like i said, perfect).  i love the long tuxedo jacket with's such a statement piece.  it'd take major guts to wear what i'm saying is...sign me up!  i also love the beige/mauve color of the dress.  i'm lusting after it.

and on to category 2...

a whole lotta crazy.  this is what my dreams are made of, and what MK & A live for.  i have this vision of the two of them thinking through their fall 2011 collection and just having one of those "screw it, let's give them our brand of crazy" moments.  while The Row woman certainly wears fur, these pieces just take it to the next level.  a full length belted fur dress/coat with approximately 3 layers of various clothing underneath? all day.  a full length leopard coat with a fur hat...i think we've seen MK in this look, right?  and now seems to be the appropriate time to bring up the cray-cray scrunched tube socks, which i have no clue who would wear this but +500 points to the gal who tries..and the cashmere blend TOMS collaboration they did...yeah, those shoes are cashmere blend TOMS.  seriously, i'll take a pair..thanks bergdorfs credit card.

category 2.1...

the eccentric gal does evening wear.  crushed velvet, layers of lace, textured knits, sheer fabric, leather opera length gloves, abbreviated gorilla arms, and what appears to be sequins?  get out of here.  while i love my evening wear to be dramatic and impractical...this is one step too far for me.  however, i can see both Olsens wearing these pieces and looking crazy/chic and crazy chic... but i'll admit that i do LOVE those opera length leather gloves. favsies!  best look of the women's collection.  a mix between category 1 and 2.  leopard, fur, AND nicely tailored trousers with classic camel leather driving gloves.  i'm not a fan of wearing a head-to-toe look by one designer, but i'd do this. my idea of The Row woman (and i'd like to believe that i am on my way to being that woman!).  chic, daring, and bold with a sense of humor and a love for classic cuts with a twist.  perfection.

all in all, a mixed collection.  highs, lows, chic, crazy, but very MK & Ashley.  actually, it's kind of nice to see their eclectic street style peek through.  refreshing, even.  perhaps next season they'll refine it even more.  i'm already anxious to see where this label goes next.

photo credit