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fashionably fit - SOULcycle

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

too often in the fashion industry, girls are painfully thin and unhealthy.  we understand the desire to be thin (especially with all those gorgeous clothes waiting to be bought at Barneys...), but there's a right way to do it...and that includes eating healthy, sleeping enough, laughing often, and EXERCISING!

New York City is full of options for getting your sweat on, but the absolute last word in spinning is SOULcycle! it's a kind of a ride you can't find anywhere else, and no matter where you are in the city, or even out in the Hamptons (or vacationing down in SoBe...they've got one there too!), there's a SOUL within reach.

(our home base, SOULcycle Tribeca)

whether you're an avid spinner (like we are!) or an occasional indulger, once you go SOUL, you can't go back.  transcending the traditional ride, SOULcycle instructors incorporate upper body and core workouts (push-ups on the bike, resistance bands that fall from the ceiling, and hand weights at each bike), have the sickest playlists for class, and can get your pumped up for a crazy sweat, even at 6 am.

there aren't many rules at SOULcycle, other than you must clip in, no cell phones in the studio, and the gentle request to please wear clean clothes. the studios, along with instructors, make for the most inspirational 45 minutes of your day.  dimly lit, candles burning, the mantra emblazoned on the wall... and the most passionate and motivated spin-obsessed New Yorkers out there... if you don't leave that room drenched in sweat, you've done something wrong.

for us on Sullivan Street, the best thing about SOUL is it's a place to leave it all behind.  any kind of stress or tension gets stripped away while Janet Fitzgerld (my favorite instructor) pushes you through tough climbs, and when you walk out of that studio, you feel lighter and you feel free.  "SOUL" isn't the name of this spinagogue for nothing.... it's a church for those who pray at the alter of sweat, hard work, and amazing bodies.

if you need more proof of what you're missing... a live shot from a "bad girls" themed ride... and yes, it's totally normal for spontaneous fist pumping and dancing to break out in class.  that's just how we ride, baby!

Athlete. Legend. Warrior. Renegade. Rockstar. SOULcycle.  enjoy the ride!!!

check out the SOULcycle website for locations, classes, and sign-ups.  all photos courtesy of SOULcycle FB Page & nytimes