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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

Louis Vuitton - FW 2011

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

if i've said it once, i've said it a million and style are in the details.  the collection that Marc Jacobs showed for Louis Vuitton was highly produced, very severe (similar to what Jacobs showed at his namesake collection), and oozed of fetish and back room romps.  the models arrived to the runway via an elevator, tended by two operators, and appeared to be the chicest bellhops to ever hit grand old Paris.  i imagine this LV woman arriving to the Ritz at an unmentionable hour of the evening, the hat and gloves on for good measure, and setting off down the fabulous hallways for a rendezvous that will involve handcuffs.

speaking of handcuffs... i've always loved handcuffs (feel free to interpret that any way you'd like), and i especially love them when they're used as jewelry..but never have i thought of integrating handcuffs into my handbags. boy was i schooled when i checked out the details of the Louis Vuitton show yesterday!  handcuffs as jewelry AND as expensive handbag insurance!  i love multi-tasking.

Jacobs handcuffed their hands behind their backs, and then gently placed the daintiest handbag in her a proper lady.  not only did he do this, he paired this look with the sweetest, most bookish printed dresses...the dichotomy was flawless.

and what could be better than handcuffs and a really sexy python clutch? (nothing?!) ....handcuffs and a sassy little feather duster.

if runway style were acceptable, i'd literally walk down the street with my hands cuffed behind my back.  as long as they were LV handcuffs.  and paired with a smart tweed jacket tailored within an inch of its life.  natch.

oh and onward to shoes...good god. it's not really a secret that i am high heel obsessed, but it IS a true story that it takes a lot to make me swoon over a shoe.  and i'm not a fan of the LV monogram (i just think it's gauche), but when put in chunky heel makes me lightheaded with love...

the mary-jane strap is so delicate and feminine...perfect to offset the heavy heel.  but that wasn't the only sole star...

hi, sexy. you belong on my shoe shelves...truly.  xx, moi.

these are great because they're tall, they're fierce, they're sexy, but still ladylike and feminine. it's a subtle sex appeal..the kind of fetish-loving bellhop is apt to.

other small, fabulous details from the Louis Vuitton show...the gloves.  i love gloves. ladylike, sophisticated, but always hinting at something more.  only a certain kind of woman wears gloves... and the LV version that Marc gave us are to die for! snakeskin and caribou feathers? oh Marc, you dreamweaver...

i am also obsessed with carrying a slouchy bag, folded over, like a clutch.  i do it all the time with one of my favorite Betsey Johnson purses..and i'm thrilled to see i'm not the only weirdo doing this.  chicistan.

and to close off the favorite shot of pfw came from the Louis show...

diamond parquet floors, heels, tweed, ponytails, yellow clutches, spotlights... this is exactly what my dreams look like. every night.  don't yours?