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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

shops we love: Geminola

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

the fashion world had a resounding "who made that dress?!" moment when Carrie was chasing Big up the stairs in the final episode of Sex & the City in that ballet-inspired frothy green frock...

the answer to such burning questions is tucked away on a quiet block of Perry Street in the West Village... Geminola is just a hair bigger than a large walk-in closet, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality.  hand-made dresses made from vintage fabrics full of whimsy, fantasy, and all waiting to give girls their next princess moment.

(um, seriously. can i just live in here?)

Lorraine Kirk (who is one of the most gracious dress makers ever!) opened up shop in 2004, and fast became a downtown dress-making superstar with her dresses that are (seriously) hand-made, fabrics that are (seriously) all hand-dyed, and beautiful fabrics, ribbons, and beading that are (seriously) all vintage...pre-1950's.  and each gown is one of a kind.  fashionistas love exclusivity!

aren't they dreamy?  perhaps my favorite aspect of Geminola (2nd only to the dresses), is the shop itself.  like an overstuffed vintage closet, walking into Geminola is like visiting an old friend, and the shop girls are equally as inviting.  they will climb ladders to get a dress for you, zip zippers, tie ribbons, take pictures, and give their opinions (only when asked!), and it's the kind of customer service that makes you want to come back.  by the time you leave, you feel like you've made a new best friend.

over here on Sullivan St, we've had our own major Geminola moment....

so beautiful, isn't it?  i wore this delightful creation out on one of my favorite nights of my life (truly), and never have i felt more like a princess.  it's dramatic, bold, and took up almost two seats at dinner...and it's sweet, delicate, and lovely.  as is every dress from Geminola.  (and that hair? so perfect with the dress, is it not?!)  not only did i have a perfect night in this dress, i had the best time while purchasing it.  as mentioned, the shop girl was the best friend i'd never met, and we had the most wonderful time playing dress up while trying to find the perfect dress!

if you believe in really getting dress, like we do, Geminola is a must-stop when out shopping in downtown Manhattan!

visit Geminola at 41 Perry St and check them out here & on facebook!
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