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Thierry Mugler - FW 2011

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

yesterday, i expressed my distaste to a friend over Lady Gaga's announcement that she'd be walking in the Mugler show today.  and today i ate my words.  my initial thought was that having Gaga there would make it a Gaga spectacle and detract from why everyone was really there...the clothes.  but i was 100% wrong.  not only is the new song she debuted, Government Hooker, amazing, but if it wasn't for Gaga, this show would have been a total snoozebutton.

this was Nicola Formichetti's debut womenswear collection, and while he stayed very true to his aesthetic...lots of condom-esque looking clothes, the collection just wasn't wearable.  it was mediocre, it had moments of "ah, i like that," but overall, the highlight was Gaga walking down the runway to close the show, putting almost every model to shame with her walk.

the shoes were scary tall, and you could tell the difference between the models and the pros.  around the 4:50 mark, witness Jess Stam walking....that's how it's done, ladies.  Formichetti's muse, the tattooed Rico even made an appearance, and like i said...the music was amazing...and the girls looked like the had fun (when they weren't tripping over their massive shoes) was a fun, entertaining fashion show, but the substance wasn't there.

no one would wear a latex condom dress.  no one would wear a blue dress with blue tights and blue shoes and have their breasts hanging out.  but the show had moments.  i liked the dropped hemlines that have been so popular, particularly the white dress with the vent draped back, and i loved the black fur jackets with the strong shoulders (similar to the weird prosthetics that Gaga has been sporting on her shoulders lately).  i know that a majority of what walks a runway isn't actually what hits stores, but i'm interested to see how this collection will translate, if it will translate at all.  i feel like i can't even pass judgement until i see this in actual pret-a-porter, as opposed to the alien-chic that showed today.

overall, it was entertaining, and i can't knock Formichetti for that.  he knows how to entertain, and adding Lady Gaga/her new song was a genius marketing move.  it ensured that all her little monsters, even the ones that aren't into fashion, would tune into the live stream, get exposure to the brand, and probably pass it on to their friends.  the video/song will go viral, and a huge audience that has never even heard of Thierry Mugler will suddenly be buying their fragrance.  it's well played, but to those of us who tuned in for the fashion, the experience was not as satisfying.

however, i must say this.  i applaud Nicola, Rico (the tattooed muse), and Gaga for letting their freak flags fly.  too many people in the fashion industry are becoming so safe and boring, and we need more people like them to open our eyes and give us a healthy dose of avant garde.  eccentric people are what make fashion into art, they are what make the act of getting dressed into an art, and it's an art that should be celebrated!