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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

dear alex wang, i must confess....

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

it's not a secret that i'm terrified of water, cannot swim, and that my top five great fears are tsunamis, mega tsunamis, super tsunamis, ultra tsunamis, and major tsunamis.  so it came as no surprise that during the height of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami tragedy coverage, i began having nightmares about a tsunami hitting Manhattan.

however.... (and swear on my mother's life, this is a true story)

one night, i dreamt that i was in my apartment, watching the news, listening to the newscasters tell Manhattan that a huge tsunami was heading for the island and everyone had to leave.  apparently, i'd already purchased a train ticket to get out of town and was waiting for the departure time to arrive... i packed a bag and headed out to the streets of SoHo to catch the 6 train to get to Grand Central.  howwwever..on my way...i decided to stop at the new Alexander Wang store, which was now abandoned due to the impending disaster, and i decided to loot Alex Wang purses before i went to evacuate the city.  yes.  i dreamt that, even though my greatest fear was coming true, it was more important to stop and steal Alexander Wang purses than to get to Grand Central in a timely fashion.  whatever, judge me. i have priorities.  i even called my friend, in my dream, to see if she wanted me to steal her a bag too.  see? i have a heart.

i don't have a criminal streak, i promise.  i would never steal Alexander Wang purses, swear.  apparently i was just feeling opportunistic in my dream that day..

speaking of which, let's discuss the new Alexander Wang store in SoHo.  for those Alex Wang groupies (i count myself in this group), it's a dream come true, and incredibly dangerous for our bank accounts.  the store is located on the corner of Mercer and Grand Streets and is an experiment in luxurious minimalism, just like Alex Wang's clothes.  And yeah...the hammock is really in the store...

the racks are refreshingly well stocked, organized by color, and easy to browse. (i'm always weirded out by how sparsely stocked most high end boutiques are.  it's not inviting and it's honestly really intimidating.)  the staff is warm and welcoming, and obviously decked out in Alex Wang attire, and all very chicly wielding iPad 2's for ...various business reasons, i'd imagine. whatever it is they're doing on the new iPad 2's, they look pretty fierce doing it.

the store has the entire range of the Alexander Wang empire... the ready-to-wear collection, T by Alexander Wang, shoes (i almost had a shoe meltdown when i last visited...a pair almost came home with me in a moment of weakness), handbags, and the newly expanded menswear line.  the fur hammock, leather couches, and marble columns and stacks are all classic AW... prince of darkness meets his off-duty model who has a thing for the finest fabrics and the coolest cuts.

can you see why i dreamed of stealing handbags?