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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

style file: spring wardrobe refresh!

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

a good friend of mine mentioned recently that she was feeling like her closet was in a rut and she needs some help for a spring wardrobe refresh!  fear not, gals... the fashion gods have blessed us with spring trends that will bring even the drabbest closet back to life!

spin the color wheel
ladies, please ditch the dark, drab greys and blacks for spring!  the easiest and most fun way to liven up your spring outfits is to inject COLOR!!!  and i'm not talking about soft pinks and muted yellows....

i'm talking about the brightest, punchiest, loudest colors you can find on the rack!  watermelon pink, bananas yellow, saturated coral, the richest grass green you can find... it's all about the brightest you've got right now!  and it has suddenly become okay to wear them together!  color blocking is having a major moment right now,  but it's a very loud look, so if you're not looking to really make some heads turn, take it down a notch and go with a pair of bright blue flats, an electric yellow clutch, or go big and buy a pair of watermelon pink pants!  infusing color into your everyday look, even for the office, is easy, fresh, and of the moment!

maximum impact

sweet, floaty dresses are always a big part of spring, but this year, buying a maxi length dress or skirt puts you directly on trend.  not only are they incredibly forgiving in fit, but they're versatile!

day or night, flats or heels, hair down and messy or cleanly swept up, the full length dress/skirt is one of the most hard-hitting pieces to add to your spring line-up.  they billow, they sweep with you as you walk, they make an entrance, and everyone notices the girl in fabulous maxi dress or floor length skirt.  if going with a maxi skirt, be mindful of proportion to avoid looking sloppy.  a fitted tank or tshirt is the best bet with a maxi skirt...or you can even wear a bodysuit (or even one-piece bathing suit, if it works!).  

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a total white out

at the opposite end of the punchy color spectrum...a complete and utter whiteout!  

never has white looked so fresh and new, right?  white seems so elementary, but we all know the power of the perfect white tshirt with the perfect pair of jeans, and this season, it's all about going head to toe white white white.  the key to making this look work is, as always, proportion.  white is one of the most unflattering colors, when it comes to look slim, but when done in slouchy, chic 70's cuts, it's incredibly slimming and effortless!  if you're not quite bold enough to do head to toe white, get a sharp, shrunken white blazer (recco - +J blazer from Uniqlo!) and throw it on over your super bright yellow tunic...pair with khaki shorts and white sandals and you're summer-time fresh!

she wears the pants...

when the heat is on, pants...aren't so hot.  but during the transition months, and for those of us gals who spend our weekends in ice cold AC-cooled offices, pants are an important part of our wardrobes all year long.  this season, the sexy 70's is where it's at.

high waisted, wide-legged, slim but not skinny (see the pink Jil Sander pants in the Spin the Color Wheel - 2nd picture!), or slouchy via Haider Ackermann (totally channeling a fierce YSL leisure suit!), this season ladies..we are wearing the pants!  again, be cautious of proportion.. fitted tops and blouses work best with high waisted and wide-legged..and the full-on slouchy leisure suit is a tough one to pull off unless you are blessed with height...but if you are... go for it!  and perhaps if you aren't... that's what a good pair of 5 inch heels is for, right?  in fact, for all of these pant looks, heels will help to length and slim your look, which is always a good thing.  never let your hemline drag!

these are my favorite spring trends... but as always, if it doesn't work on your body, it won't look trendy at all, so go with what works for you and what you feel confident in. and of course...getting dressed shouldn't be a take risks and have FUN with it!!  enjoy!

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