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style + fashion

the art of getting dressed.

just swimmingly! - Summer 2011 Special - swimwear!!!

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

summer means a lot of things - no more stockings, breaking out the sandals, showing off more skin...but most importantly, it means...bathing suits!  swimwear is a source of anxiety for a lot of people, but if you chose the right suit for your bod, your milkshake will be bringing all the boys to your yard!  it's all about cut & confidence!

1. Liya Push-up Halter & Matching Bottoms - this is most flattering for gals with a bigger bottom half.  the key to flattering some junk in the trunk or a pear shape (think Kim Kardashian) is to get a bikini bottom that ties at the sides.  the adjust-ability allows for you to tie the bottoms where it's comfortable and where nothing is pinching - no muffin tops!  also, it's most slimming to wear a solid color on bottom - prints just tend to make everyone look wider.  $50,

2. Vix Escape Bandeau Bikini - the bandeau tops are best for small-chested girls and girls who are straight and narrow (lucky lucky!)  the cinching of the top makes your girls look bigger, and the wide bands of the bottom will give the illusion of a hippier figure.  $168,

3. Ikat Bikini - on the flip side, for girls who are larger chested, more support is needed, and this retro-inspired undewear halter is perfect for keeping your twins in check!  the cut of the top is flattering, making your upper half look smaller - and the print is right on target for the season! $98,

MORE after the jump!!!

4. Mara Hoffman Printed Bandeau One-Piece & Natalie One-Piece - if your tummy area is your trouble spot, you're in luck, as one piece suits have never been more in style!  great prints, side-ruching, well-placed seaming, and the best fits we've seen on one-pieces in a long time, both of these suits are flattering, a bit modest, but incredibly sexy!  i particularly love the retro touches on the Natalie One-Pice! $260 & $148

5. Splendid Lola Bikini - if you're dealing with an athletic or boyish figure, the ruffles and push-ups in the bikini will give you fabulous feminine curves in an instant!  pair with hot pink lipstick for an extra punch of sexy. $120,

6. Whirlpool Stripes Bikini - if you're one of those lucky girls who can wear just about anything - and you're willing to take a risk, this one is for you!  retro is never been sexier, and the high-waisted bikinis are here... if you dare.  interesting tan lines aside, this is actually really sexy if you can handle it! $176,

stay cool at the pool, chickas!