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Resort 2012 - Prabal Gurung

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

firstly, let me admit that this is an entirely selfishly driven look at Gurung's first resort collection.  by that, i mean...i love the collection so much, i pre-ordered this laser-cut polka dot skirt....
heyy you sexay little thing, i'm already counting down the days until you arrive at my doorstep and i add you to my closet!  (and p.s. this is my first Prabal purchase..and the lovely ladies of Moda Operandi informed me that he cuts his garments ultra narrow.  ahem...thanks, gals, i'll just go ahead and put this Reeses Cup down now...)

so yes, Prabal Gurung's first foray into Resort was a blazing success.  he debuted the collection with a music video for Baltimore-born rapper Rye-Rye's song "New Thing," and Rye-Rye and her crew bopped around in the video completely outfitted in the graphic prints and spunky neons.  the video made a huge wave throughout social media outlets (Gurung, very charmingly, runs his own Twitter handle..) and drummed up huge buzz for the collection, which didn't actually hit the 'net until a few days later.

Prabal Gurung is the shining star of the new crop of designers...he's the one who is actually making everyone excited about fashion.  his collections continue to grow each season in depth and breadth, and it's so exciting to watch.  his talent and eye for a great cut is unparalleled, truly, and this first resort collection is proof that he's got his ear to the ground.  women are shopping for pieces they can wear in a million ways, and Gurung gave us sharp separates in fresh cuts, sassy prints, and bold color..all of which are perfectly on trend, and all of which can be worn together, alone, dressed up or down, and made to look polished and uptown or edgy and downtown.  versatile, yet cohesive.  an impressive combination.

i bought that laser cut polka dot skirt because when i look to buy something...i want to spend money on something i'll get use from..and i can see so many iterations of outfits with that skirt, the spend is justifiable.  

annnyways, enough about my skirt and how i'm obsessing.  beyond the separates, the cocktail dresses are sexy and will set very well with the gal who has the "whatever shall i wear to my movie premier?!" problem.  the sequined red to black shift is particularly stunning, as are the slouchy yet somehow impeccably tailored black trousers, belted in hot pink, where he once again marries the edgy downtown girl who's loving neon with the uptown woman who can always appreciated well-tailored black trousers.  

Gurung has carved out his niche in the world of fashion superstardom as the kid who can.  he's nice, he's gracious,  he's talented, and he doesn't do the same thing every season.  and we're always left wanting more.  and i can't wait to see what he'll give us next!