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Dior Fall 2011 Haute Couture

Caitlin Surakitbanharn

oh how the mighty have fallen...

day one of fall 2011 couture - and we're already dealt a disappointment.  Dior used to be the highlight of every couture season, but with the fall of John Galliano, this showing was a fall from grace.  Bill Gaytten, whom was Galliano's 'right hand man' in couture land, took this collection's helm..and unlike other successful successor stories (Sarah Burton for Lee McQueen, anyone?), this was a disappointment and it is clear how deeply the label will suffer without it's creative genius.

this show lacked the sophistication and polish of previous shows headed by Galliano.  the showmanship is lackluster, and seems more like an inexperienced, amateur effort in high fashion without a clear vision.  the clothes were not cohesive, except for they all seemed to look kind of strangely thrown together, and the milliner work was nothing short of a last minute detail that added nothing to the show (although don't get me wrong, Stephen Jones is talented and whimsical and irreverent, but his genius was far from tapped in this outing!).  the evening wear, which always stunned onlookers with it's detail, complication, and beauty, fell more in the realm of "what IS that?"

Galliano's strength was in showmanship, glamour, fantasy...and one of the strongest visions in fashion.  as the Galliano trial wraps up in Paris, and this first bow is taken without John at the helm, the fashion collective now sees what we're missing.  and I hope Mr. Arnault sees it to.  what John Galliano said and did was inexcusable, yes.  but unforgivable.....? i don't know.

i know this - i know that Dior couture is suffering.

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